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Can experimental films be fun?

Now I haven't watched many experimental films and I'll be the first to hold my hand up and say that I am not very educated on its form and the history of experimental cinema besides a couple classics I've seen like "Un Chien Andalou" and "Borderline". I can appreciate experimental filmmaking and impact it's made and can find them very interesting and intriguing, but I just don't find them 'fun' or entertaining to to watch; or at least as one could conventionally define what a fun film to watch is. I simply don't think that many experimental films are particularly enjoyable to just sit down and watch and one really has to go into them with a certain mindset.

Saying this however, I recently watched Gasper Noe's Climax for the first time and to sum up my opinion on it briefly, I really enjoyed it. I think it is a beautifully made film and although it was obviously very experimental (I mean the cast credits literally start to roll halfway through the film!), I thought it was very entertaining, not difficult to watch and, dare I say it, fun. I then ended up watching it again just two days later and I particularly like how Gasper has said that the film isn't meant to be a metaphor or represent anything and so it was nice to just lie back and enjoy the whole experience. This film has totally changed my perceptions of what experimental films can be but I'm not sure if Climax is just an exception or if there are other experimental films out there that are genuinely enjoyable and fun to watch.

As someone who is less educated on experimental form, I'd love to hear about any films that combine the two elements of being experimental and fun/enjoyable or is it just the case that most experimental films are simply not meant to be fun and are supposed to be difficult to watch? Can experimental films be fun?


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