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I'm a potential transfer student who already has my AA. I have the option to take my required prerequisites here at UCF in Fall and Spring, and do portfolio review for Experimental to get in at Fall 2021.

I'm a little upset that I wouldn't truly be starting my real course work in my major until Fall of next year, and I'm scared that if I don't pass my portfolio review that I'll be trapped. My advisor tells me a lot of students do this, but I'm still nervous, and wondering if this program is worth all of the drama, even though the only other animation program in state that I can get into right now is FIU.

So can people who are in this program tell me if they experienced something similar, maybe help me get a grasp on what this program is like? Personally I would like to work on 2D animation, which is why I'm focusing  on Experimental, but now I'm getting nervous that all of the school's resources may be just put into the Character Animation track, and Experimental is an afterthought.

Thanks in advance.



issue got solved gutys thankyou!!

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