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VariaVision: Klaus Lutz, The Beauty of my Island

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This performative extension of the exhibition off this play (Atelier Impopulaire, Volksbühne Pavilion) is conceived as a happening to celebrate the life and work of the Swiss artist Klaus Lutz. The musicians Sir Henry and Herman Herrmann will provide a lush, faux primitive sound for the space, invoking the spirit of the Volksbühne Schmalzwald of the 90's on Solina Eminent organ and guitar throughout the evening, while the space will be invaded by multiple live projections of rare original 16mm copies of the artist’s films, screened over a series of sculptures realized by Lutz for his performances and installations.

With: Sir Henry and Herman Hermann

In collaboration with the Association for the Preservation of the Works of Klaus Lutz.

Founded by the Volksbühne curator Giulio Bursi, VariaVision is a collaborative curatorial platform with the ambition to present innovative moving image works and performances realized by filmmakers and artists who aim to move beyond the frame of the canonical formats of filmmaking and film presentations.


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