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Xcèntric: Things We Want to See. Rebecca Meyers

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What interests Rebecca Meyers is not how cinema represents reality but how it transforms it, giving it a palpably different rhythm, colour and sound. Her 16 mm films are ways of closely observing the most everyday of spaces, presenting them full of mystery, stripped of their familiarity, open to infinite possibilities of research. Domestic landscapes noted from a window, stories shrouded beneath the sea’s blue mantle or the presence of an unexpected animal world in the urban environment are some of the constant themes of research found in her films.

- murmurations (Rebecca Meyers, 2013, 6 min)
- blue mantle (Rebecca Meyers, 2010, 34 min)
- night side (Rebecca Meyers, 2008, 4 min)
- lions and tigers and bears (Rebecca Meyers, 2005-2006, 12 min)
- things we want to see (Rebecca Meyers, 2003-2004, 7 min)
- glow in the dark (january-june) (Rebecca Meyers, 2002, 6 min)
- night light and leaping (Rebecca Meyers, 2001, 22 min)
- how to sleep (winds) (Rebecca Meyers, 2000, 9 min)


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