The Avant-garde Film: A Reader of Theory and Criticism

Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1978
AuthorsSitney P.A, Eisenstein S, Richter H, Epstein J, Dulac G, Artaud A, Cornell J, Deren M, Peterson S, Broughton J, Whitney J, Whitney J, Smith H, Rowe C, Brakhage S, Kubelka P, Koch S, Michelson A, Snow M, Mekas J, Gehr E, McCall A, Sharits P, Conrad T, Frampton H
Series Title Anthology film archives
Series Volume3
Number of Pages295 pp
PublisherNew York University Press
CityNew York
Publication LanguageEnglish
ISBN Number9780814777930
KeywordsAndy Warhol, Anthony McCall, Antonin Artaud, Ernie Gehr, Germaine Dulac, Hans Richter, Harry Smith, Hollis Frampton, James Broughton, James Whitney, Jean Epstein, John Whitney, Jonas Mekas, Joseph Cornell, Maya Deren, Michael Snow, Paul Sharits, Peter Kubelka, Sergei Eisenstein, Sidney Peterson, Stan Brakhage, Tony Conrad

This anthology is both a history of the avant-garde film genre and a compendium of theories of cinema articulated by major filmmakers. The 33 selections include several previously unpublished theoretical and critical articles and many articles that were especially translated into English for this collection. Other selections were drawn from interviews and from lectures contained in the Anthology Film Archives.

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On the question of a materialist approach to form / Sergei Eisenstein --
The badly trained sensibility / Hans Richter --
The essence of cinema / Jean Epstein --
For a new avant-garde / Jean Epstein --
From Visual and anti-visual films / Germaine Dulac --
The essence of the cinema : the visual idea / Germaine Dulac --
The avant-garde cinema / Germaine Dulac --
Sorcery and the cinema / Antonin Artaud --
Monsieur Phot / Joseph Cornell --
Cinematography : the creative use of reality / Maya Deren --
Cine dance and two notes / Sidney Peterson --
Two notes on Mother's day / James Broughton --
Audio-visual music / John and James Whitney --
Harry Smith interview / P. Adams Sitney --
On Mahagonny / Harry Smith --
Illuminating Lucifer / Carel Rowe --
From Metaphors on vision / Stan Brakhage --
Letter to Yves Kovacs (on surrealism) / Stan Brakhage --
Letter to Ronna Page (on music) / Stan Brakhage --
The theory of metrical film / Peter Kubelka --
Andy Warhol's silence / Stephen Koch --
Toward Snow / Annette Michelson --
Two letters and notes on films / Michael Snow --
The diary film / Jonas Mekas --
Autobiography in avant-garde film / P. Adams Sitney --
Program notes / Ernie Gehr --
Two statements / Anthony McCall --
Hearing, seeing / Paul Sharits --
From Words per page / Paul Sharits --
A few remarks before I begin / Tony Conrad --
Lecture / Hollis Frampton --
A pentagram for conjuring the narrative / Hollis Frampton.


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