Fusion of Horizons: A Daniel Barnett & Rrose Present Screening

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FUSION OF HORIZONS, a dialogic session with Daniel Barnett & Rrose Present
World Premiere of Daniel Barnett's "Science Withou Substance"
"Horizon of Meaning" by Rrose Present 

February 11, 20h, FLUX Club en l'Antic Teatre, Barcelona
Curated by Rrose Present

This session is an experiment, a dialogic three-way game. Rrose Present reinterprets Daniel Barnett's film looking for a linguistic / experimental relationship between-his-images. Extending this dialogue to the audience, to see the surprise World premiere of the film Science Without Substance, you have to accept the game proposed by Barnett: See the full film and write 50 words about the film. Thus the work will be completed by the viewer in a FUSION OF HORIZONS.

"'SCIENCE WITHOUT SUBSTANCE' goes back to the late 1970s, when I had the idea of a film in which the characters were enveloped by a cognitive wind that made their words unintelligible and dispersed any notion of history ... It was an idea too ambitious for my life and the limits of technology at that time. Then ... he was resurrected about four years ago, when I digitized the images and sounds that I recorded in the 70s and 80s ... " Daniel Barnett



Science Without Substance follows the hapless band of the lost through a landscape that changes dimension as they try to discover WHAT IS HAPPENING?
Performance by: Romy Charlseworth, Saul Levine, John Broderick, Carolyn Wift, MaryAnn Babula, Rowley Grunt, Dan Barnett

- HORIZON OF MEANING by Rrose Present, 2019

Source of Images: Re-edit of "Horizonte de sentido" , Rrose Present, 2009
Re-shooting and compressed sound from: "Science Withot Substance" by Daniel Barnett

When watching for the first time "Science Withot Substance" my head exploded in a thousand questions. So I decided to respond with images "to say everything that can not be said with words". Dialogical experiment that had already done in the project "think with your hands" (Private dictionary of critical praxis of Concepts of philosophy of art and aesthetics 2009-11). Where (with irony) intended to replace the place of words, lapidary sentences, philosophy of art, visual metaphors. One of these pieces was "Horizonte de sentido". In which I worked on the idea of interpretations of works of art, that although we could not access its literal meaning (lost in time) was sensed as "horizon of meaning." And it is this intuition that illuminated this dialogical movement with Science Withot Substance. Working in illuminated time allowed me to understand something more about: What do your heuristic images think about? Thoughts that only with the word could not access.

Event website: http://www.fluxfestival.org/sessio/index/danielbarnett26rrosepresent/201...

DANIEL BARNETT is a well-known American filmmaker and writer trained in philosophy who bases much of his work on reflections on language and is the author of the book Movement in Meaning in Experimental Cinema. Currently his works distributed by CayonCinema are: An Anagram (2003) Endless (1987 to 1990) Dead End, Dead End (1981) Chinese Typewriter, The (1978-1983) Morning procession In Yangchow (1978-1981) White Heart (1975)

RROSE PRESENT studied Art and philosophy in Barcelona. Her work is of investigation and conceptual / formal experimentation in (continuous evolution) of images in movement and curator (occasional) of projects. She has participated in festivals such as: 2018 DOBRA, Brazil. 2018 LES INATTENDUS, LYON, France. 2018 aDifferent Festival, Wisconsin, Usa. 2018, NEW YEAR NEW WORK screening The Filmmakers Cooperative NYC ... Distributor The Filmmakers Cooperative NY


Antic Teatre - Barcelona, Spain


Monday, February 11, 2019 - 20:00 to Tuesday, February 12, 2019 - 19:55




Monday, February 11, 2019 - 20:00 to Tuesday, February 12, 2019 - 19:55


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