Help needed finding 60s or 70s avantgade film...

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Hi there

Years ago, I saw a film on TV which made a big impression on me but I don't know the title, maybe someone here can help me?


made before 1982

most likely in black and white

What I can remember:

possibly Eastern-European origin, maybe Czech cinema...

storyline, what I can remember:

A man accidentally has his head shaved at the barber's... the barber is not paying attention and just let the hairclippers run over the poor mans head...this prompts him to shave other peoples heads...I believe the film is part of an absurdist/ experimental tradition you would find in 60s and 70s cinema

The man begins to wander about, there is a scene where he comes across a yong couple making love in a car at the bottom of a big crater in the ground... or maybe it's not a car but just a mattres, but I'm pretty sure about the crater in the ground...

The man proceeds to shave the head of the young man, he has a very big "afro" hairstyle and round metal framed eyeglasses...he ends up bald.

Anyone recognize anything from my description? any help is appreciated :)


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I'm afraid it doesn't ring a

I'm afraid it doesn't ring a bell, but it's funny, because I can picture the type of film you are talking about. Any other info you may provide? Where did you see it?

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Hi, thanks for replying :) I

Hi, thanks for replying :) I saw it on Danish TV in the 70s , they were very progressive back then and showed avantgarde films from Eastern Europe and from the National Filmboard of Canada,

I actually found the scene I mention on YouTube a couple of years ago, but the link is dead now... so the film does exist

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