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Hello Marcos


I have submitted at least three news items to Experimental Cinema, the latesst being notice of the rlease of my experimental art film EXIT with a premiere on the Bellarine Peninsula of Victoria, Australia. Yet, nothing ever appears on the site. Is there a reason for this? Have I broken some rule? How am I to tell others about my work if a site like Experimental Cinema will not publish any of my notifications? It's hard enough to find people who like this kind of work without having a site which is apparently dedicated to Experimental Film refuse to give any publicity to practitioners.

I'm open to dialogue on this. I'm also open to learning that you may have actually published my news but I simply cannot find it on the site. I've looked in all the most obvous places (news, recent events etc). So I'd appreciate hearing from you about this if at all possible.


David King



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similar problem here...

Dear Marcos, dear David,

I am facing a similar problem: This Monday I had submitted an event, which takes place on Friday. Yet, the event is nowhere to be found, if I click on the link in the email, then I can still see it in preview mode... And even I am not sure if I might have violated some rules? And I also have no idea how much turnaround time it usually takes to release a submitted post. Maybe I am too impatient or maybe I submitted too late and am just expecting too much...? But it would be good to hear from you to be able to avoid similar situations in the future...

thank you


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Hello, Bernd. I've been away

Hello, Bernd. I've been away for a few days, so I had a bit of a backlog, but your post has just been published. Sorry about that delay...

@David: I don't remember receiving your submission. Please do it again to this email [email protected]

Bernd Lützeler's picture
thank you so much!

Dear Marcos,

I just saw it, thank you so much!


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