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PoetryFilm celebrates films based on poems, poems turned into films, collaborations, text-based films, and other avant-garde text/image material. Events feature short films accompanied by live performances or discussion.

Submissions are welcome and ongoing: please fill in a submission form and send in together with your film. The next event will be in London in March 2013. Theme: material exploring cycles, circles, sequences, planets and patterns.

For a submission form and further details, please email Malgorzata Kitowski at [email protected]

The PoetryFilm archive is the only one of its kind in the UK - to book a screening please email [email protected].



Jasmine Kainy's picture

Is this still taking place?

since the post talks about the next event at March 2013 -- Is this platform still working?

are you planning other events?

should I apply?

thank you 

Jasmine Kainy

poetryfilm creator

Marcos Ortega's picture

Hi, Jasmine

Yes, I think it still takes place. I remember having seen recent activity from them and they have planned some activities for the next months