Canyon Cinema: Important Message to the Film Community

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Canyon CinemaTo the Film Community:

This is a very serious letter.  It was emailed to our filmmaker members and we would like to share this with the larger community.  It concerns the survival of Canyon Cinema. As most of you probably know, film rentals over the past few years have been steadily declining. This is a result of the proliferation of digital media. Many of Canyon’s major filmmakers who have brought substantial income to the organization have now made their work available in digital formats. Many of our renters, especially in universities, no longer have access to adequate film projection. Often after the purchase of a DVD, instructors of cinema studies continue to use the digital media and forsake the renting of the original 16mm prints. This is partly due to their own dwindling rental budgets and the lack of well functioning projectors.


Read the full letter at Canyon Cinema's website.



Brice tu verras Jordan Bowman's picture

Thanks for posting this important message Marcos. I have a particular affinity for Canyon Cinema since I am from San Francisco and wish them success.

The digital era while providing opportunities for people without much money to make films an extremely good upside and something that I am very happy about, but there is an extremely negative downside to the digital era, its evolution is pushing off the cliff things we treasure, and the pace takes our breath away.

Brice Bowman

Marcos Ortega's picture

Hi, Brice!
Yes, I'm with you... I think it's come to a point that unless CC gets some funding, it'll have to close. Looking for an alternative model seems very difficult. An increase in film print rentals would require of some 'education' for teachers, programmers, etc... and in the end, of the public, who would demand the screening of cellulloid.