Calls for entries

  • Abstracta 2009

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    The Cultural Association ZAC and Link Campus University of Malta announces the INTERNATIONAL ABSTRACT CINEMA EXHIBITION (ABSTRACTA) in ROME. Purpose of the exhibition is to offer an opportunity of meeting and exchange of experience to the authors of abstract cinema and a possibility for the public to see the works.
    ABSTRACTA is addressed to the authors, from all over the world.

    Director of the Exhibition Massimo Pistone


    1. The Cultural Association ZAC and Link Campus University of Malta organizes in Rome the INTERNATIONAL ABSTRACT CINEMA EXHIBITION (ABSTRACTA).
    2. The participation does not require any cost of registration.
    3. Authors are responsible of the content of works.
    4. The event will be carried out in Rome in 2009. Place and dates will be communicated lately.
    5. Audiovisual works are admitted to the exhibition as long as abstract. The works should preferably be contained within 5 minutes.
    6. Copy of the work, together with the application form, compiled and signed, will have to reach
    Associazione ZAC - C.P. 11/273 UP Montesacro 00141 Roma, within june 30 2009.
    7. The works, despite the original format used, have to be sent in DVD Pal 2 copy. Whit the works, the author can send images drawn from films, for the publication. The submitted copies won’t be returned. Shipment expenses are on charge with the participant.
    8. A phase of selection of the works is previewed, at unquestionable judgment of the jury of selection. The jury will judge also on the abstract or not of the work.
    9. The Zac Association reserves the right to use the works for didactic, cultural projections and to distribution in digital channels, no profit, under expressed authorization of the holders of the rights.
    10. The organization of the ABSTRACTA does not assume responsibility for eventual thefts or damages to the audiovisual works.
    11. The participation to the exhibition (ABSTRACTA) implies the integral acceptance of the present regulations.


  • Videoex 2009

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    VIDEOEX invites you to submit your work for the international & swiss competition.

    Videoex , international experimental film and video festival, is a place of exchange between filmmakers and the audience. The festival is constantly trying to examine the perception of images, different aestethic strategies, new ways of using technology in experimental film and video works and serves as a get-together for experimental film makers and video artist.

    We are looking for:

    • experimental films (35mm / 16mm / 8mm),
    • videos (experimental,videoart, …)
    • innovative animations, experimental digital & graphic productions (to be screened),
      experimental documentaries & innovative music videos.

    The purpose of the Videoex festival is to promote video and experimental film works.

    Videoex 2009 will include an international competition. The total price amounts to CHF4000.

    • Maximum duration is 50 min (exceptions may apply).
    • No feature films will be accepted.
    • Participants may submit a maximum of 3 works.
    • All preview tapes must be accompanied by a filled out entry form and the author’s video/filmography. German, French, Italian & English are accepted.
    • Only works produced after 1st October 2007 are applicable.
    • The other works will remain in the Videoex archive.
    • All entrants will be notified by 10th April 2009.

    For more information see the regulations.

    Videoex Zurich Switzerland
    Kanonengasse 20, Postfach 8026
    CH-8026 Zuerich
    phone: 0041-43-3220813
    fax: 0041-43-3220815
    [email protected]


  • CTEQ Annotations - Call for Contributions

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    On a weekly basis, the Melbourne Cinémathèque screens films of historical, aesthetic and/or cultural significance that otherwise would not receive a public screening.

    In order to provide a critical context for these screenings, "annotations" on films have traditionally been published in one form or another. Since April 2000, "CTEQ Annotations on Film" have been published electronically in Senses of Cinema and in hard copy for
    those without Internet access. The purpose of these annotations is to encourage appreciation of a film by highlighting details of its history, providing a "reading" of its aesthetic and so on.

     Senses of Cinema and CTEQ Annotations on Film invite writers to contribute notes on the films listed below. Articles should follow the guidelines set out by Senses of Cinema and should be 800–1000 words in length. We ask that you reply to this invitation with an expression of interest in a film that you would like to write on as soon as possible. Email Adrian Danks at [email protected]. We will then match up writers with specific films (as there may be several people interested in one film).

    Annotations on the following films will be published in the next issue of Senses of Cinema. The deadline for written material is January 18.

    À BOUT DE SOUFFLE (Jean-Luc Godard) 1960
    THE RIVER (Jean Renoir) 1951
    BLACK NARCISSUS (Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger) 1947
    THE BACK OF BEYOND (John Heyer) 1954
    THE FORERUNNER (John Heyer) 1956 37 mins
    SHOP AROUND THE CORNER (Ernst Lubitsch) 1940
    THE SEVENTH SEAL (Ingmar Bergman) 1956
    FANNY & ALEXANDER (Ingmar Bergman) 1982
    SMILES OF A SUMMER NIGHT (Ingmar Bergman) 1955
    ROSE HOBART (Joesph Cornell) 1936
    FIVE TIMES MARILYN (Bruce Conner) 1973
    8 X 8 (Hans Richter) 1957
    EROTIKON (Mauritz Stiller) 1920


  • Fabrik Online Tv Art Channel

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    Fabrik Media Group is launching an online TV channel to showcase art-oriented film and
    video works. We encourage filmmakers to submit films, documentaries, experimental
    videos, flash videos, short films and music videos of all lengths.


    Fabrik's mission is to provide a venue for artists to showcase their work to a worldwide
    audience online. Each video can be voted on, and there is potential for films to be placed
    in art and film festivals, DVD releases and opportunity for films to be placed on traditional
    cable and TV networks worldwide.


    Fabrik highlights some of the most influential, creative innovators and showcases
    trendsetting artists, gallery owners, interior designers and fashion designers. Fabrik
    unmasks the people behind the personas.

    Fabrik is a new kind of media company, using an integrated print and Internet approach to
    editorial and content by allowing viewers to contribute, share and distribute content.


    1. There is no fee to submit your film or video.
    2. Films and videos can be of any length.
    3. You can submit your film/video by one of the following ways:
    a.) Send a URL of your film/video to: [email protected]
    b.) Email your film/video (up to 10 MB) to [email protected]
    c.) Mail your CD/DVD to the following address:
    Fabrik Media Group
    269 S. Beverly Drive, Suite 1234
    Beverly Hills, CA 90212

    When submitting or sending your film/video, please include the following information:

    1. Title of your film/video
    2. Filmmaker's name
    3. Contact Information


    For further information, please email us at [email protected]

    Fabrik Media Group
    269 S. Beverly Drive,Suite 1234
    Beverly Hills, CA 90212
    [email protected]
    Tel: 310-360-8333


  • Media City 15: Call for entries

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    Submissions now being accepted for Media City 15 (May 12-16, 2009)
    Download, print and complete this ENTRY FORM by hand. Mail it with your preview material.

    Deadline: February 20, 2009
    No entry fees.
    No limit on duration or number of entries.
    Works must have been completed since January 1, 2007.
    See entry form for more details.

    Media City is an international festival of experimental
    film and video art presented annually in Windsor, Ontario, Canada
    since 1994. The festival is a co-presentation of Artcite Inc.
    (Windsor's artist-run centre for the contemporary arts) and House
    of Toast (Windsor's film and video collective). Each year Media
    City screens approximately fifty new films and videos in all
    gauges and formats in its international competition programs.
    The festival also hosts retrospective screenings and discussions
    with featured artists and presents installations in Artcite Inc.
    and other venues.

    Main venue for Media City screenings is the Capitol Theatre in downtown Windsor. Refer HERE
    for screening schedules and ticket prices. Tickets are available
    at the door or in advance at the Art Gallery of Windsor.

    Award winners at Media City
    have included Peter Tscherkassky, MTK, Shiho Kano, Joost Rekveld,
    Guy Maddin, Leighton Pierce, Luis Recoder, Walid Ra'ad, Salla
    Tykkä, Eve Heller, Dietmar Brehm, Tadasu Takamine,
    David Gatten, Gerard Holthuis and Phil Solomon. Featured artists
    at Media City have included Eija-Liisa Ahtila, Matt McCormick,
    Gustav Deutsch, Tran T. Kim-Trang, Martin Arnold, Dagie Brundert
    & Ramona Welsh, Julie Murray, Adriana Arenas Ilian, Ichiro Sueoka
    and Steve Reinke.


  • Call for entries: Here Comes the Sun

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    Night Vision_experimental cinema series_
    invites you to take part in our show coming up this winter entitled Here Comes the Sun.

    We hope to bring that big ball of fire, warmth, and happiness indoors to brighten up our winter and need your help to do so.

    Please capture the sun however you like using the mediums of film or video.

    Here Comes the Sun will be a screening event on December 28th at the Climate Theater in San Francisco.

    Acceptable formats:

    Video, 16mm, and super 8 accepted. Sound or silent. No length restrictions.

    Please be prepared to supply your own film projector (video projector is supplied by us).

    Please mail submissions by Dec. 1st to:

    Night Vision

    Climate Theater

    285 9th st.

    San Francisco, CA

    Or email samples to:

    [email protected]

    About Night Vision:

    " This bi-monthly series aims to trip you out with avant-garde,
    non-narrative, irreverent film offerings with music accompaniment and
    live projections."

    (Reyhan Harmanci, SF Chronicle)

    As practicing artists, the curators of Night Vision seek to provide
    a venue for film/video artists who use experimental techniques to push
    the boundaries of traditional cinema. In addition to our group shows,
    we offer an opportunity for artists to have solo screenings of their
    work, which is a rare opportunity for many emerging artists. In
    addition to showing experimental film and video art we also showcase
    work that involves live music or sound, performance and installation.
    All shows end with a Q&A between the artists, curators and

    Climate Theater is an alternative arts space in SF’s SOMA district
    that encourages the development of non-traditional performance with a
    focus on collaboration and exploration. Established in 1985, Climate is
    known for such innovative landmark programs as the Solo Mio Festival,
    which helped launch the careers of Josh Kornbluth, and Anne Galjour and
    is currently home to a wide variety of music, film, new circus and
    other theatrical events. Climate is run by artistic director Jessica
    Heidt, formerly of Magic Theatre.


  • 17th Annual $100 Film Festival

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    The Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers:  17th Annual $100 Film Festival
    March 5-7, 2009
    Calgary, AB;  CANADA

    Deadline for entries:  December 2, 2008.

    16mm or Super 8 film under 22 min in length.  MUST be able to provide a Super 8 or 16mm film print for exhibition.
    Official release date after December 1, 2006.

    The Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers is pleased to present the annual $100 Film Festival from March, 2009.  The festival embodies the spirit of low-budget, independent filmmaking and brings the experience of projected celluloid to our audience by only screening film prints.  It is the only competitive festival in Canada that screens exclusively on Super 8 and 16mm film.  The $100 Film Festival does not charge any entrance fees and pays artist fees for all films selected for the festival.    The selected films will also be eligible for festival prizes.  For more information and entry forms, please visit: or e-mail [email protected].

    The Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers
    Building J2, 2711 Battleford Ave. SW
    Calgary, AB  T3E 7L4
    (403) 205 4747
    [email protected]


  • 63rd Edinburgh International Film Festival

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    63rd Edinburgh International Film Festival
    17 - 28 June 2009

    Submissions for the 2009 Edinburgh International Film Festival is now
    open.  EIFF invites experimental short and feature projects for
    consideration in our Black Box Section. Submissions to Black Box are

    You can submit online through the EIFF website or download a form and post it to us.

    The 63rd EIFF will take place from 17  28 June in Edinburgh. The
    Festival aims to stand internationally as a festival of discovery, a
    celebration of cinema, a centre of debate and a catalyst for new films.

    Submissions Deadlines for Black Box - open NOW - final deadline Monday 16 February 2009.

    For full details, and to read our FAQs please go to


  • Migrating Forms 2009

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    Migrating Forms grew out of the New
    York Underground Film Festival (1993-2008), a grassroots endeavor that
    evolved into a landmark international venue for documentary,
    experimental and avant-garde narrative film and video. Over the past
    fifteen years, notions of "underground" have changed and NYUFF has
    transformed. Migrating Forms continues in the tradition of supporting
    and exhibiting underground film and video, focusing on filmmakers
    working to reinvent and recontextualize established practices to foster
    new forms of media art.

    On the next page you'll find the entry form for our 2009 festival, which will be held April 15-19 at Anthology Film Archives in New York. 
    We use an online entry form. You will receive
    an email confirming receipt of your entry after you submit it. If you
    have questions about the entry form or are unable to complete the form
    online, email [email protected] 
    Please, do not send elaborate presentation materials,
    press kits, binders, etc. with your entry. All that is necessary to
    send is a clearly identified DVD and, if you like, a synopsis or
    contextual statement about your work. These are the only items that the
    programmers will see when they evaluate your submission. We don't want
    you to pay for unnecessary materials, and they generate lots of waste. 
    If your film is selected for the festival we
    will contact you about images and press kits. or better yet: put these
    materials online and type the URL into your entry form. Also, do not
    affix any stickers directly onto your disc, they interfere with our
    ability to watch your DVD. 
    Early Deadline: December 1, 2008 ($30) 
    Regular Deadline: December 15, 2008 ($40)
    Late deadline: January 15, 2009 ($50)

    unfortunate that we must collect entry fees to offset costs of
    producing the festival. We are working to develop an infrastructure
    that will enable us to operate without entry fees. Until then, thank
    you for sharing your work with us and for supporting us through this
    broken system. We know it sucks. 

    Continuing a policy of the New York
    Underground Film Festival, filmmakers whose work screened with us
    during NYUFF may opt to waive the entry fee. If you would like to do
    this, please note the title of your film/s that screened at the NYUFF
    and the year/s.
    If you are working in a
    part of the world where an entry fee would prohibit you from submitting
    your film, contact us at [email protected] to request a fee
    A school may send a bundle of ten or more entries by
    multiple entrants (students and/or faculty) for $10 per entry-that is
    $10 per film, not per entrant. We do occasionally screen work made by
    students, in fact in recent years some have figured prominently in our
    programming. And it's always good to get wo Students or educators who
    wish to arrange an educational discount may direct an inquiry to
    [email protected]


  • Cambridge Super 8 film festival

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    The Super 8 format has undergone a creative renaissance in the last few
    years due to the digital revolution. The festival competition and
    panorama programmes will show the best films originated on the
    brilliant Super 8 format.

    In 2008, the second Cambridge
    International Super 8 Film Festival was a successful event with more
    than 88 short films shown in three days!

    More than 20 filmmakers
    from all around Europe joined the festival for a great three days of
    networking and films. All genres were represented ( animation, fiction,
    documentaries and experimental film ), showing the  diversity of our

    The Festival is now accepting submissions its next
    edition which will take place at the end of April 2009. Cambridge Super
    8, a unique short film festival, is looking for innovative and exciting
    films ( shot on Super 8 or Single 8 ) from across the globe of any

    Online submission for the 2009 festival are now open, as usual no entry fees! More info on the festival website

    The Cambridge Super 8 Group is dedicated to the exhibition and creation of Super 8 film as a crucial art form in its own right.

    well as the annual festival, the Cambridge Super 8 Group has been
    active in programming a multitude of screenings, director talks and
    educational events in the city of Cambridge and in East Anglia ( UK ).