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  • Screening 1 - Call For Submissions

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    Screening_1Screening 1 - Call For Submissions
    Artists’ Film & Video at The Public
    Deadline: Friday February 12 2010

    Submissions are now being accepted for single channel work - with or without audio - suitable for large-scale projection.

    Work should be no longer than 30 minutes in length and the first 15 minutes will be watched during selection. Priority will be given to early career artists and film makers and those living or working in the west Midlands.

    Screening 1 will take place from Friday March 12 - Sunday April 25 2010.

    Please send work in DVD format only, along with contact details, CV and supporting statement (no more than 200 words) to:

    Caitlin Griffiths
    The Public
    New Street
    West Bromwich
    B70 7PG United Kingdom
    by Friday February 12 2010

    Please Note: Submissions will not be returned.


  • The 2010 International Surrealist Film Festival

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    The 2010 International Surrealist Film FestivalThe 2010 International Surrealist Film Festival
    Call For Entries!

    The ISFF is searching for Surreality in all genres of film.
    Don’t know if your film is Surreal? Not to worry!

    We Will Decide What Is Surreal
    First prize is a BOLEX 16mm movie camera!

    Regular Deadline:
    Post marked by February 13th 2010

    Go to or to apply

    The festival will take place on March 21st in Los Angeles CA
    Jen Lynch and Chris Gore are two of the judges


    Paul Sanchez Yates
    AFI Director/Writer
    PO BOX 3863
    LA CA 90078
    [email protected]
    [email protected]


  • Real Light 2010: A festival of home movies

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    REAL LIGHT 2010
    A festival of home movies

    What we're looking for:
    Home movies, (auto)biography, personal essay, intimate fiction, lyric, sensual, journal, travelogue, etc.

    There is no entry fee. Deadline: April 24, 2010. Don't wait! Send your movie on DVD, mini-DV, or VHS. The festival selection will be done in May, as well as the tour schedule. It's going to be wild.
    One form per entry, and please please please make sure you have the rights to whatever you send us--that includes music! If you use a song by a band you don't know, write them and ask permission--they're usually real cool about it!


    Mail all entries to::
    PO Box 4267
    Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA 90274

    For info, questions, help, contact Mike Turner by e-mail.


  • AAFF + A2SO = Sight & Sound Competition

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    The Ann Arbor Film Festival (AAFF) has teamed up with the Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra (A2SO) for a creative and collaborative competition for 2010: Sight & Sound.

    The competition consists of filmmakers visually "scoring" one of three winning musical compositions, as determined by the A2SO, created by students from the University of Michigan School of Music. The top rated video piece for each of the three compositions, as selected by the AAFF, will screen at the 48th Ann Arbor Film Festival on Sunday evening, March 28, 2010. The final overall best rated piece will be performed live by the Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra on April 24, 2010 with the video projected simultaneously on the big screen at the historic Michigan Theater.


  • The 7th Edition of the International Experimental Film Festival Carbunari 2010

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    The 7th Edition of the International Experimental Film Festival Carbunari 2010
    Deadline: 10th March 2010 (postmarked)

    The International Experimental Film Festival is dedicated exclusively to sustaining and promoting the experimental films. We consider the experimental film to be one of the most interesting expression forms of contemporary art. The seventh edition of the Experimental Film Festival 2010 is a specific one because we will integrate the films from this year within the French-English Poetry Festival organized by the magazine LA TRADUCTIERE to Paris in June 2010.

    This year subject of the French-English Poetry Festival is “DU POETIQUE a la POESIE” (“From Poetics to Poetry”). The video artists are invited to illustrate those 36 poems which were presented to the festival by means of experimental films. All the poems will be reproduced in a bilingual French-English edition and the films will constitute the third translation that of the image.


  • Call for Submissions and Recommendations for new LUX/ Light Industry Publication

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    Unedited Material From the Star (John Latham, 1960)Call for Submissions and Recommendations for new LUX/ Light Industry Publication
    Deadline: 26 February 2010

    Artists' Film and Video: An Anthology of New Writing is a forthcoming publication collecting the best new international writing on and about artists' film and video, published by LUX, London and Light Industry, New York.

    Inspired by Live Art Development Agency's 'Live Art Almanac', 'Artists' Film and Video: An Anthology of New Writing' will collect recent writing on and about international artists' moving image in all of its forms - including but not limited to essays, interviews, reviews, news stories, obituaries, commentaries, artists' writings, manifestos, letters, emails, rants, etc. The publication aims to be non-partisan in its approach, capturing the breadth and diversity of perspectives in this area of practice.

    We are seeking submissions and recommendations for material now. What have you seen in the last two years (2008-2009) that you feel has captured or reflected on issues and debates which have currency in contemporary artists' film and video? We are primarily looking for writing that has been published or circulated in the past two years, but will consider unpublished/undistributed writing as well. What is important is that the pieces be thoughtful, engaging contributions to discourse in this area. We are interested in things you have read, but also that you have written, the only limit is that texts should be under 5,000 words in length. Although the publication will be in English, we are also interested in texts in translation.

    The collection will be a text-only print-on-demand book, and it will be sold at cost-price (to cover printing and distribution). We are therefore unable to pay fees for contributions. The goal is ultimately to disseminate information and promote new writing and writers.

    The selection for Artists' Film and Video: An Anthology of New Writing will be be made jointly by LUX, London and Light Industry, New York, and the book will be published in Summer 2010.

    To send a recommendation or submission please email [email protected] with the following information:

    • title
    • author
    • where published
    • publication date
    • a short statement as to why you consider the recommendation to be appropriate for the collection

    If possible, include an electronic version of the text, ideally in Word or other text format.

    We will seek permissions from authors and publishers prior to publication.

    Deadline for submissions is 26 February 2010.

    LUX is a UK-based arts agency which explores ideas around artists' moving image practice through exhibition, distribution, publishing, education and research.

    Light Industry is a venue for film and electronic art in Brooklyn, New York.


  • Abstracta 2010

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    International Abstract Cinema Exhibition
    Deadline: June 30 2010

    Announcement Of Participation

    The Cultural Association ZAC and Link Campus University of Malta announces the International Abstract Cinema Exhibition (Abstracta) in Rome. Purpose of the exhibition is to offer an opportunity of meeting and exchange of experience to the authors of abstract cinema and a possibility for the public to see the works.
    Abstracta is addressed to the authors, from all over the world.

    Director of the Exhibition Massimo Pistone


  • CologneOFF VI - Let's Celebrate!

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    CologneOFF logoCologneOFF VI - Let’s Celebrate!!
    Deadline: Monday, 5 April 2010

    In 2010, CologneOFF - Cologne Online Film Festival is celebrating its 5th anniversary - a good reason to try the new festival concept as a networked festival, including a networked jury, networked contributions and a series of networked screenings between September and December 2010 and beyond.

    CologneOFF - founded in 2006 by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne as a new type of film and video festival dedicated to art forms of film and video in a global context - is following a successful concept of a festival without a static location of its own. It does not last just 2 or 3 days a year, but is all the year everyday 24 hours available to the audience online and simultaneouslöy via physical screenings in cooperation with partner festivals.

    This independance of availabliity on one hand, and dependance on networking partners makes CologneOFF most attractive not only o the audience, but basically also to the participating artists/directors and their films and videos due to a lasting promotion, confidence and trust.



  • Open Call: Urban Research

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    UR2010PosterSMLUrban Research:
    Call for Artists Exploring Contemporary Urban Space
    Entry Deadline Jan. 10, 2010 (postmarked)

    Urban Research has been a successful program both at Directors Lounge Festival and in screenings in London, Hannover, Poznan, Freiburg, Essen, Dordrecht, St. Petersburg and Berlin. International artists present their vision of public space and urban landscapes. How is the condition of the public realm connected with urban space? Can we talk about urbanity as a common figure in urban life at all? Has public space been replaced by the electronic virtual spaces? Or, has public place been bounded, forcefully homogenized and “pacified” by surveillance and private security forces? Are there new developments, definitions and uses that make “public space” lively again? Artists find challenging views and concepts, or more importantly, they question anew the common concepts of urbanity.



  • Open Call: Directors Lounge 2010

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    We want you!
    I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.
- Douglas Adams
    Directors Lounge 2010 on February 11 - 21, Berlin
    Deadline: Jan 10th 2010

    • You would like to show your work at the Directors Lounge ?

    • Great. First, submit your work with this form (required). Feel free to mail us additional infos along with a few words about your person. To decide if we would like to present your work we will need a viewing-copy, preferably a DVD-compatible mpeg.

    • We welcome proposals, concepts, any kind of input but please understand
that we may not consider submissions for the show in february after the 10th of January.
Several follow-ups are in the pipeline and we encourage you to get in touch with us.

    • Directors Lounge is a non-profit, zero-budget-project offering all shows free of charge. Consequently, we will not pay any charge nor are we able to support any concept financially.
    contact: [email protected]

    • prologue

    Directors Lounge started in 2005 as an experiment, a relaxed space for filmmakers, videoartists and everybody interested in experimental forms of cinema and videoart, during The Berlin International Film Festival. Directors Lounge functioned as a hideaway, a meeting point and also as a starting point for new creative collaborations.

    Directors Lounge - contemporary art and media

    Directors Lounge television

    everything else