Oscillation Transia Film Fest 2019 - Call for 16mm/8mm/super 8 live works

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OPEN CALL FOR FILMMAKERS // No Entry Fee for expcinema.org // code: expcinema

Inspired by America’s next generation, Oscillation Transia is a (3rd year) film festival in service of the environment, solar energy, and community culture. The film festival celebrates sustainability by hosting low-impact film screenings throughout America’s diverse natural landscape using only renewable solar energy, and traveling the United States with a leave-no-trace perspective.

​Oscillation Transia will utilize amphitheaters located within many parks, and also incorporating "pop up" screenings in more remote locations. Using a projector and solar generator, Oscillation Transia is be able to screen in a wide range of locations -- usually uncharted territory for traditional film festivals. Travel schedule and festival line-up to be announced April 2019.

The selected films will be shown in efforts to inspire all generations to keep traveling, exploring and protecting the planet we all inhabit. Through learning about other communities and cultures we become that much closer to understanding and accepting them. Oscillation Transia hosts free events that are open to all, and offers an experience that brings people together through the art of film.

​Seeking innovative works that incorporate human interaction with the natural world. Celebrating the risk and adventure within travel and nomadic living. Highlighting the importance of environmental protection. Telling curious stories about encounters both fictional and non-fictional. Showing us your rituals within nature and travel. 

SEEKING SPECIFICALLY works that are ready to project in 8mm, super8, and 16mm. Please send a digital preview if possible or email us for an address to send your film (**note that we do not pay for shippping or return shipping**)

AND ALSO SEEKING DIGITAL SHORT FILMS (including silent films):

  • Films must incorporate themes of nature and/or travel. 
  • Films must not exceed 60min in length. 
  • Films have no minimum length requirement. 
  • We are accepting works in 8mm and 16mm (please send digital file first if possible) 
  • We are NOT accepting animations. 
  • We are NOT accepting music videos.

Early Bird Deadline | December 31, 2018 
Regular Deadline | January 28th, 2019 
Late Deadline | Feb 21st, 2019

SUBMIT:  link to video // artist bio and film bio // to: [email protected]

www.oscillationtransia.com // @oscillationtransiafilmfest

​Cover Image from: "Partial" by: Linda Fenstermaker


Repeats every week 1 times. Also includes Sat Jan 26 2019, Tue Feb 19 2019.
Monday, December 31, 2018 (All day)
Sunday, January 27, 2019 (All day)
Wednesday, February 20, 2019 (All day)

Contact Email: 

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