Open Call: Queer Short Films

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Guest Film Programmer seeking queer short films for:
1) upcoming film festival in NYC
2) various screenings throughout the U.S.

Looking exclusively for: short films and videos addressing frameworks of desire that are not lesbian/gay/straight. All the modalities under the bisexual umbrella: bi+, pan, fluid, omni, demi, ace, etc. Some people call this "minority sexualities," some call "bi," others stick to "queer." I'm not interested in arguing what is better or to tell anybody what word to use, I'm interested in organizing a program of individual visions and experiences of sexuality/desire that go beyond rainbow capitalist norms and currently accepted categories.


If your film and video is in production now and will be finished later in the summer - probably OK, just let me know your time table is. 

Special attention given to queer films addressing intersectional experiences of sexuality and: race, dis/ability, ethnicity, citizenship/asylum/migrancy, non conformity of all manners. Special consideration given to queer films addressing these issues in geographies other than North America.

All languages welcome.
All films must be SUBTITLED for accessibility standards. If you're not willing to do this—do not send your film.
All moving image genres welcome—documentary, narrative, experimental, animation, etc.

All levels of production welcome: beginner, expert, student, self-taught, etc.
All filmmaker orientations welcome, as long as the film content meets the criteria above.

All topics welcome—not afraid of topics historically difficult to screen such as queer anti-assimilationist theory & praxis, HIV/AIDS narratives, pregnancy (cis or trans); & all that generates fear in the spine of the status quo.

NO Feature-length film or excerpts of feature films
NO transphobic/homophobic/biphobic storylines
NO bodyshaming narratives

Selections are finalized in August 2018.
If you have something you think might fit but not sure, communicate! Reach out and let me know what you'd like to showcase in such a program.

Thank you,
Guest Film Programmer


Wednesday, August 1, 2018 (All day)

Contact Email: 

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