Concrete Dream Film Festival 2018 Call for Submissions

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Concrete Dream Film Festival is a film competition composed of arthouse, experimental, and avant-garde films chosen through filmmakers submissions, showcasing the most inspiring and innovative works from visual artists around the world. Our mission is to bring awareness, recognition, and publicity to the films and their filmmakers. By showcasing films and filmmakers who successfully break boundaries of commercialized formulas, we believe we can set an expansive example and create a wider appreciative audience which can make a positive impact on the arts and entertainment industries. We are interested in films that are thought provoking and innovative, inspiring and artistic, structurally different, successful at executing risk taking choices, progressive artistic processes and execution of filmmaking, and production techniques that better the experience of outdated formulas. We believe there is a large audience in the world that would appreciate these types of films opposed to the more hugely publicized formulaic block busters. We believe there is a healthier way to make films, a more satisfying way to completion, and a more contemplative meditative execution compared to the outdated modes of worn out mindsets. We want to change the movie industry one artfilm at a time.

Concrete Dream Film Festival is an International film and art event created by filmmaker and actress, Rena Riffel. The festival program consists of arthouse, avant-garde, and experimental films which will be screened at the event. The films selected as the winners of the competition will be screened on the day of the festival at a live event held at the Revive Theater, an absolute gem of an art-house theater in West Los Angeles, California. The film festival incorporates components of film installation, on-line streaming, and live and in-person film projection onto the screen in the arthouse theatre. A screenplay, music score, and photography competition is also part of this unique film festival and these winners will be featured at the live event. Award trophies are given to all winners and certificates of award to all the official selections. The film festival provides live screenings, on-line screenings, awards, and international publicity opportunities to the films and the filmmakers.


Thursday, March 1, 2018 (All day)

Exhibition dates: 

Saturday, June 9, 2018 (All day)

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