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Celluloidra Revolverrel is a scientific and artistic grassroots platform that aims to organise contemporary Hungarian experimental filmmaking.

In August of 2024, Celluloidra Revolverrel is organising a complex experimental film expo at the Kaleidoscope House in Esztergom, Hungary. The exact date and program will be announced after the application deadline.

The event will consist of three interconnected activities (film festival – academic conference – workshops), for which the applications are open until 17.07.2024.

One of the primary activities of Celluloidra Revolverrel is to provide a platform for creators, with the aim of supporting yet to be recognised national and international experimental filmmakers. That being said, Celluloidra Revolverrel is launching an online entry call for emerging experimental filmmakers at https://filmfreeway.com/celluloidrarevolverrel_experimentalfilm

Submitted films will be nominated through a pre-selection process. The nominated films will then be screened at the event, where they will be reviewed and awarded by our academic jury. Celluloidra Revolverrel is a horizontally organised event, therefore all shortlisted films will receive a symbolic award.

Entry categories

The enlisted categories are primarily intended as indicative guidelines. Submitted works that are slightly related  to the enlisted categories, or which are more difficult to classify, are also prone for nomination.

     --> biological and ecological processing based experimental cinema: the controlled or uncontrolled manipulation of the filmstrip with natural materials and elements (rotting, burning, soaking, burying underground, etc.)

     --> chemical processing based experimental cinema: manipulation of the filmstrip by chemical processes (acid corrosion, staining with household chemicals, etc.)

‍    --> direct experimental cinema: direct manipulation of the filmstrip (painting, glueing, scratching, collaging, drawing, etc.)

     --> absolute cinema: experimentation with the purely visual language of form, light and movement

     --> found footage: experimenting with the ways of recontextualising found material

     --> transmedial experimental cinema, video-, computer- and newmedia-arts: experimentation with free medium use, from analogue computer art and mixed media to AI-based digital art and beyond

     --> expanded cinema: visual culture transcending the screen, from projection performances and analogue labyrinths to any event-based mixed media experimentation (entry with on-site performances only)

For a 20% discount on the entry fee, use the code CR20.





Wednesday, July 17, 2024 (All day)

Submission fees: 

Submission fees are charged

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Wednesday, July 17, 2024 (All day)
To event remaining 54 days