Cámara Lúcida - V international festival of Experimental, Non-Fiction & Expanded Poetics

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Cámara Lúcida has the purpose of being the convergence of cinematography surrounded by poetry, politics and sensitivity; like the main axis of their aesthetic and narrative being; purposes that deserve being preserved in a society that, slowly but strongly, tries to disappear the criticism and meditation through the overwhelming homogenization.

The strength of the Meeting is in a programming process that connects, necessarily, watching and reflecting on cinema; modeling a program that proposes to be "a mirror of societies and a place of reflection on themselves", holding the imagination as the main source of world consciousness.

Cámara Lúcida is distinguished by projecting films that show the mixture of looks and identities, becoming an empathetic space with its audience, through film inquiries that are provided with their own and liberated voice; making cinephilia a place of coexistence and, at the same time, a political exercise.

The Meeting opens its doors to a large number of authors who embrace the exploration of new filmic methods to show and tell their diverse contexts; Thus discovering new expressive flows while blurring the margins imposed by the predominant film production.

Regardless of genre, format, duration, theme, and form; Cámara Lucida projects films to think about them, we insist on cinema as an expander of world perception, we insist on cinema as a liberator of world consciousness.

Link to registration: https://www.ecamaralucida.com/convocatorias-2020


Sunday, August 2, 2020 (All day)

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