2024 non-syntax | Call for Entries

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2024 non-syntax | Call for Entries


memothod |

Notes, letters, scrapbooks—all objects marked with traces belong to some form of memorabilia, foreseeing the inevitable forgetfulness. They are limited, transient memories, while also bearing witness to the continuous move of time. Amidst these jotting notes, they lack complete detailed record-keeping but tend towards attempts at "how not to forget," representing both resistance to and acceptance of the destined oblivion. However, it is within these fragmented remnants that discoveries of transitions from reality to consciousness and understanding of time itself can be made. Additionally, memorabilia can also become a method of projecting imaginations occurring in the present but directed toward the future, distinct from archival constructions, gathering the individual's chance encounters with the world, and even presenting subjective memories of events and anticipations of potential forgetfulness.

In 2024, non-syntax will take "memo-thod" as the exhibition's theme, viewing various forms of "memos" as an exploration into the edge of personal memory. We aim to clarify our thoughts on time through collection, description, or the overlapping of continuous rewriting. We also focus on various media and tools for storing sensory impressions, exploring diverse methods of memorabilia development through intuitive technological operations. Memorabilia, both imagines forgetfulness within records and repeatedly generates the uncategorizability of memory through collecting , allowing us to return to the uncertain existence of things and to the state of continuous difference.

Website: nonsyntax.com

Instagram: non.syntax


| Submisson


| Festival Dates

2024 non-syntax Experimental Image will take place in September, Tokyo & Taipei, 2024.

| About Open Call

(a) We accept films of any genre and style.

(b) No limitation of film duration. 

(c) Artists can provide manuscripts, photographs, files, printed materials, and written documents related to the project.

(d) If the artist's work has related installation versions, please provide explanatory information.

(f) Please send any additional attachments to [email protected]

| Eligibility

(a) Films eligible for entry must be completed in 2021 – 2024.

(b) Open Call - 10 APRIL 2024 - 10 JULY 2024

(c) Early Bird Deadline is 10 JUNE 2024.

(d) The Regular Deadline is 10 JULY 2024.

(e) Entry fee is required.

(f) No premiere policy is required

(g) Please make sure the link and password for an online screener remain valid until the shortlists are announced and do not change the URL or password after submitting.

(h) Non-English or Non-Mandarin speaking films must have English subtitles.

| Entry Fee

Early Bird- 12 USD

Regular Deadline -18 USD

| Screening Fee for Selected Works

The work that has been selected for the program of the festival will receive 100 USD for the screening fee.


Monday, June 10, 2024 (All day)
Wednesday, July 10, 2024 (All day)

Submission fees: 

Submission fees are charged

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Monday, June 10, 2024 (All day)
To event remaining 17 days
Wednesday, July 10, 2024 (All day)
To event remaining 47 days