The 2020 Film and Video Poetry Symposium Call for Entries

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Submissions are now open for The 2020 Film and Video Poetry Symposium.

Poets, filmmakers, media artists, and video artists are called to submit their work to The 3rd Annual Film and Video Poetry Symposium.

This festival and symposium will screen a large scope of film and video projects developed through the medium of poetry. The symposium programmers also curate and present a gallery exhibit in conjunction with the formal screenings. There are no restrictions regarding when the film was produced or if the film has premiered regionally or internationally. There are no running time restrictions.

The Film and Video Poetry Symposium is accepting poetry films, filmpoems, digital-poetry, poetry video, Cin(E)-Poetry, spoken word films, videopoema, choreopoems, visual poetry, poetronica, and media poetry. The Film and Video Poetry Symposium also calls for experimental film and video work that explores language and/or literature whether it be oral, written, visual, or symbolic. This includes the film essay or cinematic essay, non-narrative work, and the avant-guard. We strongly consider work that challenges traditional and current visual communication methods while continuing to function as a mode for exploring narrative and personal expression. Performance material, virtual reality projects, video mapping, installation proposals, and video art presentations that hybrid or contain strong aspects of poetry are encouraged. Film and video work focusing on historically important poets, poems, literary ideas, or events are also encouraged.

DEADLINE: August 3, 2020 11:59PM PST

PROGRAM ANNOUNCED: September 6, 2020

The 2020 Film and Video Poetry Symposium will be held FALL 2020

Please read our statement regarding Coronavirus-19 by clicking here.

For those applicants who would like to complete the submission process online, please click here: ONLINE APPLICATION / SUBMISSION GUIDELINES

You may also email or snail mail your submission to the Film and Video Poetry Symposium office. You can do this by filling out a DOWNLOADABLE SUBMISSION FORM available through the 2020 Film and Video Poetry Symposium website.  Snail mailers will need to send a cashier's check or money order that can be retained by a US Banking Institution. Snail mailers must also make sure the media submitted is formatted for region 1 (USA). Email submissions must include proof of payment, a link to the work, and a password for that link if applicable. Submission address and/or email is available below.

This film festival and symposium is hosted by The Film and Video Poetry Society.

For more information and a detailed description of the submission guidelines please visit our guideline page:

The Film and Video Poetry Society
1001 Fremont Avenue | Post Office Box 1131

South Pasadena, Ca. 91030 - 9998  


Monday, August 3, 2020 (All day)

Contact Email: 

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