Richard H. Alpert's "AVE variation #7"

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The new video by Richard H. Alpert titled "AVE variation #7" will be included in the 2019 Rome Film Awards and The Austria International Film Festival.

It will also be screened in the following film festivals in 2019:

  • Malta Film Festival, 1st -2nd  December 2019
  • Eurovision Palermo Film Festival, 8th June, 2019
  • Five Continents International Film Festival, Puerto la Cruz, Venezuela, 3rd April
  • Festival International Cannes, 29th November 2019
  • Eurocinema Film Festival, Geneva, 23rd March 2019
  • Washington Film Festival, 25th-27th, October
  • World Film Fair, New York, 11th October, 2019
  • NVIFF (New Visions International Film Festival), Amsterdam, Netherlands, 26th
  • September 2019 (semi-finalist nominee in competition)
  • Global India International Film Festival, Pune, India, 23rd-24th March, 2019
  • Atlanta Award-Qualifying Film Festival, (New York), 22th-24th 2019