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These conversations about Spin / Verso / Contour complement the essay by Maja Naef, which was released by Revolver Publishing in 2012 as Film as Corporeal Exposition – On Spin / Verso / Contour by Hannes Schüpbach. Each of these conversations comes to different conclusions about this work, which by definition treats film as both fragmentary and gestural. Film can articulate a real encounter; it can reflect a memory, or it can become an exhibition – as expanded cinema – or a spatiality that draws the viewer in. This volume contains eight conversations: six in German, one in French and two in English. They follow an introduction by Maja Naef in which she explores language and articulation as the vital core of Schüpbach’s silent, moving images.

Conversations, 2012–13, with Ruth Anderwald and Leonhard Grond, Kunsthalle Wien: Hasenherz (G) — Maja Naef, Stadtkino Basel (G) — François Bovier, École cantonale d’art de Lausanne (F) — Maja Naef, Filmpodium Zurich (G) — Andreas van Dühren, Arsenal, Berlin (G) — Marco Baschera, Jürg Berthold, Sebastian Bott, Johannes Thomann, Christina Vogel, Matthias Vogel, Zurich (G) — Amy Beste, School of the Art Institute of Chicago: Conversations at the Edge (E) — Vincent Katz, Anthology Film Archives, New York (E).

16,3 x 23,5 cm, softcover - Edition of 550, with DVD

Book Design: Hanna Williamson-Koller, Zurich

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Hannes Schüpbach, Maja Naef


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