The Red Thread - Larry Gottheim and his Films


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The Red Thread is the definitive work on Larry Gottheim, a key figure in the history of American experimental film.

Gottheim's reflections on the evolution of his work over the decades provide an extraordinary window onto the development of the art form in America in the late 20th century. His own account of his lifelong exploration of the boundaries of cinematic perception is here combined with the reflections of other major film artists and critics on the importance of his work.

Table of Contents

Part 1: The Red Thread

The Beginning Before the Beginning
1. In the Beginning is the Ending
2. Blues, the Fons et Origo
3. Fog Line: Manifesting
4. The Time of Ceremony: Corn
5. Sliding: Doorway
6. Thought
7. Visual Music: Harmonica
8. Going Home: Barn Rushes
9. Edge: Horizons: Elective Affinities Part 1
10. Mouches Volantes: Elective Affinities Part 2
11. Four Shadows: Elective Affinities Part 3
12. The Garden is Closed: Tree of Knowledge, Elective
Affinities 4
13. Natural Selection: Me and the Mind of Others
14. Transformations: Sorry/Hear Us
15. Reversing Time: Mnemosyne Mother of Muses
16. The Red Thread
17. Machete Gillette...Mama
18. Your Television Traveler
19. Chants and Dances for Hand
20. Knot/Not
The Ending After the Ending

Part 2: Critical Notes

Jonas Mekas
Scott MacDonald
Barry Gerson
John Hanhardt
Michael Sicinski
Owen Vince

Part 3: Personal Perspectives

Steve Anker
Heinz Emigholz
Scott MacDonald


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