OEI # 69–70: On Film


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The new issue of OEI magazine is focused on experimental film. Edited by Martin Grennberger and Daniel A. Swarthnas, it contains texts from Leo Reis, Åke Karlung, Gunvor Nelson, Claes Söderquist, Carl Slättne, Sven Elfström, Hans Nordenström, Sture Johannesson & Jørgen Nash, Jan Bark, Bo Jonsson, Olle Hedman and Ronald Nameth to Rose Lowder, Abigail Child, Cécile Fontaine, Frédérique Devaux, Barbara Hammer, Raymonde Carasco, Lynne Sachs, Sandra Davis, Caroline Koebel, Barbara Rose, Adeena Mey, Ute Aurand, Peter Gidal, Peter Hutton, Nicky Hamlyn, Robert Beavers, Bruce McClure, Guy Sherwin, Pavle Levi, Ernie Gehr, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Alberto Grifi, Carmelo Bene, Jean-Marie Straub, Peter Nestler, Hartmut Bitomsky, Emilie Vergé, Nicole Brenez, Jean Painlevé, Fernand Deligny, Alain-Alcide Sudre, Dominique Noguez, Carole Contant & Éric Thouvenel, Henry Hills, Frank Kuenstler, Jean-François Lyotard, Kim West, Elke Marhöfer, Teddy Hultberg, Martin Grennberger, Daniel A. Swarthnas, Anders Karlin, Stefan Ramstedt, John Sundholm, Lars Gustaf Andersson, Bengt af Klintberg, Mika Taanila, Jonas Mekas, Jørgen Leth, Carl Henrik Svenstedt, Alexander de Cuveland, Lina Selander & Oscar Mangione, Dan Lageryd, Marion Naccache, Anna Ådahl, John Skoog, Tris Vonna-Michell, Rosa Barba.

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Martin Grennberger and Daniel A. Swarthnas (eds.)


20 EUR




Publishing date: 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Swedish, English