HOLON (1982-2017)


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Holon is a flipbook that creates an illusion of motion when the pages are flipped through rapidly.

The images of this artist’s flip book are taken from an eponymous abstract film made by Christian Lebrat in 1982. The book can be turned over and flipped as well; the two directions correspond to the two sections of the film. It comes in a sleeve. The resulting artwork presents the film in another form.

A flip book for the curious, for collectors, for flipbook lovers.

Limited edition of 800 copies.

Christian Lebrat, born in 1952 in Paris (F), is an internationally acclaimed artist with a career spanning over 30 years. He is a filmmaker, video artist, performance artist and photographer, as well as a publisher, curator and writer.

Since 1976 he has created over twenty experimental films, videos, and film performances, along with a formidable body of photographic work.

Strongly marked by abstract expressionist painting on the one hand and the radicalism of Peter Kubelka’s cinema on the other, Christian Lebrat’s filmic creation is characterized by the decomposition of the image into fragments (light strips), with the aim of exploding the image’s frame and of creating unprecedented intensities of color.

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Christian Lebrat


23 EUR




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Friday, February 9, 2018