Film as Corporeal Exposition - On Spin/Verso/Contour


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Swiss artist Hannes Schüpbach has been working with cinematographic elements since 1990; the conceptual connections between his spatially extended works and his films were highlighted in his solo exhibition Stills and Movies at Kunsthalle Basel in 2009. This publication accompanies screenings of his film trilogy Spin/Verso/Contour at Centre Pompidou, Kunsthalle Wien, and Arsenal, Berlin, among other venues. Art historian and art critic Maja Naef (Basel) analyzes the artist’s aesthetics of a corporeal presentation through reduced gestures or fragmented vistas which are rearranged in changing temporal patterns, as well as his model-like attempt at constructing an œuvre in parallel to a research into memory. 

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Hannes Schüpbach, Maja Naef


19 EUR




Publishing date: 

Tuesday, June 2, 2015




German, English