Crossing Cinema: the Diary Film, the Essay Film, and the Voice of I


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This book focuses on the unique forms of expression in the diary film and the essay film, especially how authorship of filmmakers can be integrated in the voice-over as a narrative strategy in first-person cinema. The book is divided into two sections: the first section “essays” contains three chapters, and in these chapters I use films of Liu Na’Ou, Hollis Frampton, Jonas Mekas, and José Luis Guerín as cases for filmic textual analyses, to discuss the issues of authorial presence, the voiceover narration, and audiovisual structure. In the second section “interviews”, four important researchers and filmmakers contribute their thoughts and reflections on how the essay film and the diary film can be approached and understood.

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Ming-Yu Lee is Assistant Professor of Radio, Television and Film at Shih Hsin University, Taiwan. He is the author and editor of Paysages du contresens (2010) and The Diary Film and Subjectivity of the Self: Taiwan– New York – Paris (2016). His papers were published in Concentric: Literary and Cultural Studies, Wenshan Review of Literature and Culture, Am Journal of Art and Media Studies, and La Valle dell’Eden: Semestrale di cinema e audiovisivi. He is an independent filmmaker, his film works were selected in international film festivals and museums, including Lausanne Underground Film and Music Festival, VIDEOFORMES, Festival Tous Courts, Taiwan Biennial, and Jeu de Paume. He is also the curator of EX!T 7 – Filming in the Moment: the Diary Film Festival, and EX!T 11 – Film Letter: Counterpoint and Echo.

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Ming-Yu Lee


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Monday, June 5, 2023