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The work of these two German artists, Christoph Girardet (* 1966) and Matthias Müller (* 1961), is of outstanding importance for filmic and video art. The publication offers, for the first time, in-depth insights into the joint filmic and photographic oeuvre of these two artists. Girardet and Müller have been working in continuous collaboration for more than 14 years now, primarily on the basis of filmic material already in existence (found footage), from which they produce associative/narrative compositions. Using sophisticated dramaturgies, cropping and sound design, they assemble fragments of all kinds of different feature films to create haunting filmic collages and investigate filmic representation.

Their work has received numerous awards and has been presented internationally both at major film festivals and at exhibition locations. 

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Peter Bexte, Johannes Binotto, Volker Hummel, René Zechlin


38 EUR



Publishing date: 

Wednesday, April 30, 2014




English, German