Bearbeitungsklappe [Editing Flap]


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Bearbeitungsklappe [Editing Flap] is a book of drawings. It is also a piece of experimental video art. The book consists of ninety-five drawings that resulted from editing a video recorded through the letterbox of the artist's house in Niederbrechen, Germany. Each drawing in the publication shows an edited version of twenty-four events that took place while the video was being recorded, such as people returning from trips to the shops, cars transporting their owners to work or a cat going about its daily business.

The publication examines how iteration and transdisciplinary editing strategies can take an event far away from the original point of recording. While the book is a celebration of the everyday in a very, very small part of Niederbrechen, it also considers how providing a new context for these mundane events can shed new light on them. Kate Pelling is a British artist based in Germany.

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Kate Pelling


19 GBP



Publishing date: 

Tuesday, December 20, 2016




English, German