American Magus - Harry Smith - A Modern Alchemist


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The films, paintings, and recordings of Harry Smith (1923-91) pay tribute to his genius. Filmmaking, painting, anthropology, musicology, and the occult?his knowledge of each was encyclopedic and firsthand. As might befit a man of such varied interests, his circles of friends were large and, for the most part, wholly independent. This work demonstrates how differently Smith appeared to friends from each circle, offering personal recollections that present a multidimensional, largely contradictory picture of the man. Together with artwork and various writings by Smith, the interviews editor Igliori conducted with such friends as William Breeze, Robert Frank, John Cohen, Jonas Mekas, and Allen Ginsberg make up a sizable portion of the book. Also included is an inventory of the material left by Smith upon his death, grouped into "collections" by Smith's archivist, Bill Morgan. Recommended for large film history, occult, or art collections.?David Moran, Carrollton Libs., Tex.

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