Blind Spot Skopje

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Blind Spot SkopjeFrom 29th of March to 2nd of April 2011
at Cultural Center creACTive (former Cultural Center CK)
in Skopje, Macedonia

In the realm of visuality, the concept of the blind spot defines the space of the non-visible. In the process of observing the city, certain views dissolve, thereby revealing elements of construction in both urban space and human perception. As a temporal platform in Skopje, Macedonia, Blind Spot Skopje presents cinematic and discursive positions of self- and outside perception regarding urban space and its blank spots. The exhibition, theoretical discourses, and a film project, that explores urban spaces in Skopje, condense into a map with known and unknown coordinates interfering with each other and being re-arranged by various artistic strategies.

A project by Marte Kiessling, Stephanie Sarah Lauke, Vanessa Nica Mueller and Wiebke Stadler.

Participating  artists, filmmakers and theoreticians:
Adams & E.B.Itso, Adrian Alecu, Gerbrand Burger, Yane Calovski, Sourav Roy Chowhury & Suman Samajpati, Slavco Dimitrov, Siniša Evtimov, Valentina Ferrandes, Albert Merino Gomez, Florian Gwinner, Karin Hammer, Wei-Ming Ho, Hristina Ivanoska, Vladan Jeremic, Daniel Jewesbury, Jared Katsiane, Marte Kiessling, Nina Kurtela, Stephanie Sarah Lauke, Mirko Martin, Pauline M’barek, Vanessa Nica Mueller, Blagojce Naumovski, Lee Hee Won Navi, Rena Rädle, Stefan Römer, Adnan Softic, Ted Sonnenschein, Wiebke Stadler, Igor Toševski, Ching Yi Tseng, Anna-Lena Wenzel, Karsten Wiesel 

Blind Spot Skopje is a cooperation between Cameracartell (Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne) and NGO Kontrapunkt (Skopje) and is supported by ifa - Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen and by Robert Bosch Foundation.



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A very interesting Artwork. Taxi drivers in Skopje, a picture of the moment.