film³ [‘kju:bIk fIlm]: New Cubic Films from the Netherlands

Publication TypeCatalogue
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsAbrahams A, Opdam C, Graveland M
Pagination392 pp
PublisherAmsterdam University Press
Place PublishedAmsterdam
Publication LanguageEnglish, Dutch
ISBN Number9789089641991
KeywordsDutch Film

In 2004 the Filmbank and the Filmmuseum in Amsterdam published mm2: Experimental Film in the Netherlands, a survey of the classical avant-garde film in the Netherlands. Since then, the media landscape has undergone major changes, and a generation of directors offering fresh perspectives and innovative techniques has emerged. These new developments are the motivation behindfilm3. The editors bring together eleven in-depth interviews with young Dutch visual artists in which they discuss their work and motivation, examine avant-garde filmmaking in the Netherlands during the past decade, and forecast the future of the genre.

Citation Keyexpcin15982


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