An Introduction to the American Underground Film

Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1967
AuthorsRenan S
Number of Pages326 pp
PublisherE.P. Dutton & Co.
CityNew York
Publication LanguageEnglish
Other Id.NumbersOCLC 330308
KeywordsAndy Warhol, Branaman, Bruce Baillie, Bruce Conner, Carmen D'Avino, Charles Eames, Dziga Vertov, Ed Emshwiller, Emlen Etting, Experimental film history, George Kuchar, George Landow, Gregory Markopoulos, Hans Richter, Harry Smith, Jack Smith, James Sibley Watson, Jonas Mekas, Jordan Belson, Ken Jacobs, Kenneth Anger, Lawrence Jordan, Len Lye, Man Ray, Marie Menken, Maya Deren, Melville Webber, Mike Kuchar, Peter Emanuel Goldman, Ralph Steiner, René Clair, Robert, Robert Breer, Robert Nelson, Ron Rice, Sidney Peterson, Stan Brakhage, Stan VanDerBeek, Tony Conrad
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  • What is the underground film?
  • A history of the avant-garde/experimental/underground film in America
  • A gallery of film-makers
  • Stars of the underground films
  • The underground establishment
  • Expanded cinema.


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