Abstraction in Avant-garde Films

Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1985
AuthorsTurim MCheryn
Series TitleStudies in Cinema
Number of Pages165 pp
PublisherUMI Research Press
CityAnn Arbor
Publication LanguageEnglish
ISBN Number9780835716291
Other Id.NumbersOCLC 11623699
Keywordsabstract film, Barry Gerson, Ernie Gehr, Hollis Frampton, Larry Gottheim, Michael Snow, Paul Sharits

Revision of the author's thesis (doctoral)--University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1978.

Full Text
  • Tracing the rupture of the avant-garde
  • Beyond reading: image, imagination, aesthetic economies at play
  • Sound: beyond distinctions between music, noise and speech, a new process a new ordering
  • Gradual transformations and subtle changes
  • Visual dynamics, referential tensions and conceptual film
  • Flickering light, pulsing traces
  • Scanning landscapes and collapsing architectures: shattering the grounding of the subject/eye


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