Atelier Impopulaire #3: Double Negative

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Perceptual Subjectivity (Philippe Léonard, 2009)Atelier Impopulaire #3: Double Negative
New canadian experimental cinema: works from the Double Negative Collective
Friday, May 18 2012, 20.30h
O’ via pastrengo 12, milano isola

For its third installment, Atelier Impopulaire presents a selection of the works by the collective of canadian filmmakers and visual artists Double Negative Collective, presented by Philippe Léonard. Since its inception in 2004, the Double Negative Collective has become a major presence in today’s experimental cinema scene in Montreal, Canada. Its inique existence has had an undeniable impact on the shifting landscape of moving-image art in the local community. Self-financed, the Double Negative Collective has succeeded for over eight years to maintain its own studio with a variety of analogue filmmaking equipment, as well as organize experimental film screenings, performances and artist talks that continue to inspire the artistic communities both at home and abroad.

Curated by Pia Bolognesi and Giulio Bursi

- Philippe Léonard, Perceptual Subjectivity, 2009, 16mm, 6min
- Malena Szlam, Beneath your Skin of Deep Hollow, 2010, 16mm, 3min
- Lindsay McIntyre, All-Around Junior Male, 2010, 16mm, 8min
- Daichi Saito, All that rises, 2007, 16mm, 7’
- Karl Lemieux, Mamori, 2010, 35mm to HD, 8min
- Eduardo Menz, Las Mujeres de Pinochet, 2004, mini-dv, 12min
- Mike Rollo, Ghosts and Gravel Roads, 2008, 16mm to HD, 16min
- Christopher Becks, Ouverture, 2010, 35mm to HD, 5min

Atelier Impopulaire is a contamination of research practices, editorial and site-specific curatorship that arises from direct collaboration with the artists. In its first phase, Atelier Impopulaire will focus on the study and reinterpretation of Structural Cinema, Avant-garde, Performative and Expanded, to address cross-cultural path on the film device in its experimental forms, through a program that included performances and screenings of artists, collectives and filmmakers of different generations, like Bruce McClure and Morgan Fisher.



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