Atelier Impopulaire #2: Morgan Fisher

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Morgan FisherAtelier Impopulaire #2: Morgan Fisher
Morgan Fisher: Screening
Saturday March 31 2012, 20.30h
O’ via pastrengo 12, milano isola
Morgan Fisher: Lectio Magistralis Abstraction in Film
MA Film & New Media NABA | Monday April 2 2012, h.16.00-18.00
PhD School in Communiccation & New Technologies IULM | Tuesday April 3 2012, h. 11.00-13.00

For its second installment, Atelier Impopulaire presents a selection of the work by filmmaker and visual artist Morgan Fisher , followed by a series of lectures on the theme Cinema/Abstraction. Curated by Pia Bolognesi and Giulio Bursi.

- Documentary Footage, 1968, 11’
- Production Stills, 1970, 11’
- Picture and Sound Rushes, 1973, 11’
- The Wilkinson Household Fire Alarm, 1973, 1’30’’
- Cue Rolls, 1974, 5’30’’
- Projection Instructions, 1976, 4’
- Standard Gauge, 1984, 35’
- Turning Over, 1975, 15’
- Protective Coloration, 1979, 13’
- ( ), 2003, 21’

Atelier Impopulaire is a contamination of research practices, editorial and site-specific curatorship that arises from direct collaboration with the artists. In its first phase, Atelier Impopulaire will focus on the study and reinterpretation of Structural Cinema, Avant-garde, Performative and Expanded, to address cross-cultural path on the film device in its experimental forms, through a program that includes performances and screenings of artists and filmmakers of different generations: Bruce McClure, Morgan Fisher and Ben Russell.



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