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Esplín o errar o sin embargo (Hernán Khourian, 2007)Antennae Collection is a newly-stablished independent publisher based in New York whose aim is to is to release '(unpublished) artistic film and print works... (from) both established and little known artists.' Its first release, 'Dialéctica en suspenso: Argentine Experimental film and video' is a 2-DVD set presenting a selection of eighteen film and video works from Argentina, curated by artists and scholars Pablo Marín and Andrés Denegri. The set includes a 230-page bilingual book with essays written by the curators, biographical information about the artists and film notes. The set will be released next July 15th in a limited edition of 1000 copies.

Antennae Collection's second release will be a blu-ray compilation of experimental films by Claudio Caldini.



Brice tu verras Jordan Bowman's picture

this sounds interesting and worth checking out.... even more so if it really does have work from "little known artists". Way too often we see the same old names again and again in today's Art world. If I was a kid again viewing art of today I would not be inspired to become an artist. Money ruined art after the 80s.