Alfred Leslie, Cool Man in a Golden Age

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The last clean shirt (Alfred Leslie & Frank O'Hara, 1966)The long time awaited compilation of painter/filmmaker Alfred Leslie's films will be published by Lux this June. 'Alfred Leslie, Cool Man in a Golden Age, Selected Films' is a compilation of Leslie's key films including his classic 'beat film' Pull my daisy (1964), made with Robert Frank, and The last clean shirt (1966), fruit of his collaboration with american poet Frank O'Hara. The DVD features also a new self-interview by Leslie and a rarely seen short documentary from the sixties featuring borh O'Hara and Leslie. DVD9 + booklet, NTSC, Region free, 148 minutes, 20GBP.

The publication will be preceded by a launch event at the Tate Modern next June 24. 'Cool Men in a Golden Age: Alfred Leslie and Frank O'Hara' will focus on the collaboration between the two artists and also serve to promote as well the launch of the book We Saw the Light, Conversations between the New American Cinema and Poetry by Daniel Kane (University of Iowa Press, 2009).