Abstracta 2009 awards

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Abstracta, the abstract cinema film festival, has made public its awards for the 2009 edition.

Winners, ex aequo

- Before the election (2009) Shun Yu Mo, China
- Ironwood (2009) Richard Tuohy, Australia

Honorable mentions of the jury

- Free women (2008/2009) Viviane Vagh, France.
- In girum (2008) Nick Cope, GB.
- Lost in the desert (2008) Shoa Abu Hussien, Egypt.
- M (2009) Félix Dufour-Laperrière, Canada.
- Lipton files (2006) Justin Wiggan, GB.
- Intermezzo (2006) Rafael Balboa Rivera, Mexico.
- Vagina cosmica (2009) Otolab(Luca Pertegato e Fabio Volpi), Italy.