29th Black Maria Film + Video Festival

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29th Black Maria Film + Video Festival
Deadline:  November 27 2009

The Black Maria Film + Video Festival seeks diverse, expressive, and passionate short films and videos by independent makers. The Festival is named after Thomas Edison's motion picture studio and is known for its support of spirited, cutting edge, and otherwise singular film and video. The Black Maria is committed to works that explore the potential of the medium to illuminate , provoke, enrich, and engage viewers. Imaginative and revelatory films and videos which provide insight into the human condition and political, social, and environmental issues, as well as the lives of people with disabilities, or which investigate the aethetic potential and eschew obvious conventions of the medium are also sought by the festival. The Black Maria Film + Video Festival is generously supported by The Charles Edison Fund, New Jersey City University, New Jersey Network - NJN (in kind), New Jersey State Council on the Arts, NFL Films (in kind), The William H. Donner Foundation, Inc.

Jurors for this year’s festival are:
•Jenny He – Curatorial Assistant, Department of Film, The Museum of Modern Art, NY
•Dierdre Boyle - Assoc. Professor & Principal Faculty, Graduate - Media Studies, The New School, NYC, NY
(Likely pending juror / programmer with WNET / Thirteen, NYC pending)

The Festival tours to over 65 museums, colleges, libraries and community organziations throughout the U.S.

Entry Formats
The prefered submission format is DVD, regarless of the orignial production format. Although DVD is most often used for exhibition purposes, if needed works should also be available in their preferred release format: 35mm, 16mm, Super 8mm film, DVD or mini-DV (NTSC). For example, if a 16mm is submitted on DVD, it might be helpful to have access to a 16mm print for some venues in the Festival Tour. Film prints must be mounted on a normal reel. Do not send film prints on cores!

Entry Procedure
Each Entry must be accompanied by:
• One Entry form (photocopies or handmade facsimile with basic info is fine)
• Entry Fee: $35.00 for each individual work up to 20 minutes long;
$45.00 for each work 21 - 60 minutes long (Checks are payable to Edison Media Arts)
• One stamped, self-addressed postcard to acknowledge receipt of submission
• Title of work, name, phone number, and e-mail of entrant must be on all materials and containers
• A logline describing the work along with main credits, especially clearly indicating chief names to be listed in our program notes.
• A non-returnable photo, or disk or jpeg info for use in publicity
• Entries should arrive no later than Nov. 20, 2009

NOTE: It is assumed and virtually obligatory that upon submitting work, the maker or legally empowered representative agrees to make the work available for exhibition for the entire tour season from February through June. The festival reserves the right to impose a $15 surcharge for missing fees, bounced checks, or work received after the deadline of Nov. 20, 2009. Entries from outside the USA must be paid by Certified Bank Check in US dollars.

Black Maria Film + Video Festival
c/o Media Arts Department, Fries Hall
New Jersey City University
2039 Kennedy Blvd.
Jersey City, New Jersey 07305