The 24th Onion City Experimental Film And Video Festival

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Onion City logoThe 24th Onion City Experimental Film And Video Festival
Call for entries
Entry Deadline: April 20, 2012

Chicago Filmmakers announces the call for entries for The 24th Onion City Experimental Film and Video Festival. Onion City will take place June 21-24, 2012.

Please read the festival regulations and entry procedures below. Contact Festival Director and Programmer Patrick Friel at [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns. You can also enter (with a discount) through Withoutabox at beginning in mid-late February.

Regulations and Entry Procedures
Your film or video entry, accompanied by a signed entry form and entry fee (for US entrants; free for international entrants) must arrive at our office by 5:00 PM, April 20, 2012. Send to: Chicago Filmmakers, 5243 N. Clark St., 2nd Floor, Chicago, IL 60640.

Entry Form
Please fill out the entry form completely and sign it. A separate entry form is required for each title.

In addition to your entry, please enclose a description or synopsis of your entry along with a short biography for the film/video maker(s). We strongly encourage you to include at least one digital image (or indicate that these can be emailed or downloaded). Please also send any press kits, reviews, or publicity materials you might have.

Entry Fee
US ENTRANTS: Please enclose a non-refundable entry fee (check or money order in US Dollars only) for each entry, made payable to "Chicago Filmmakers." $25 for the first entry and $5 for each additional entry by the same entrant.
INTERNATIONAL ENTRANTS: Free (international entries are free due to the much higher shipping costs and the excessive cost and hassle of getting international money orders).

Any experimental works completed between 2009 and 2012 are eligible. No length restrictions. Chicago premieres are highly preferred but not required.

Installation Works
Onion City is not accepting submissions of installation and other gallery-based work.

Eligible Formats
Entries should be submitted for preview on DVD or BluRay (any region; NTSC or PAL; no DVD+RW), digital file, or online preview; contact Onion City if you prefer to submit film prints for preview. Note: preview copies will NOT be returned (except for film prints - contact Onion City before submitting film prints). If your work is available online in a high quality streaming format, you can submit as a link. Note that if you submit this way and are selected for the festival you may still have to send a DVD or tape for promotional purposes and a proper exhibition format.

Acceptable formats for exhibition include: FILM - 35mm, 16mm and Super-8mm; VIDEO - DVD (no DVD+RW), BluRay, Mini-DV (NTSC only), and BetaSP (NTSC only). We might be able to accommodate Digital Files for exhibition – if this is your preferred exhibition format, you should also have your work available in one of the other video formats. Foreign language work must be subtitled in English.

By entering the festival, the entrant authorizes a public screening of the work in the festival and agrees to provide an exhibition copy for the period of the festival (June 21-24, 2012). Should the distribution rights for the work change by the time the festival takes place, it is still the responsibility of the entrant to provide an exhibition copy to the festival without charge. Once a film/tape is submitted for entry, it may not be withdrawn. Additionally, the entrant authorizes the festival to make copies of their preview tape or DVD for press use.

If your entry is accepted for exhibition you will be notified by May 11, 2012. If your entry is not accepted for exhibition you will be notified by May 18, 2012. These dates are approximate and may change.

Receipt of Exhibition Copy: May 25, 2012

If your entry is accepted for exhibition, your exhibition film or videotape should arrive in our office by May 25, 2012. Please inform us if this will be a problem. Exhibition copies will be returned to the entrant by July 13, 2012 unless we are requested in writing otherwise. Transshipments of exhibition copies to other U.S. festivals must be requested in writing. Onion City cannot transship to other international festivals.

Festival Prizes
The festival will award cash prizes to films and videos selected by our jury.

Exhibition copies must be sent to the festival prepaid. Return shipping via UPS or US Mail will be covered by the festival. Additional charges for express shipping or transshipments to foreign film festivals must be paid by the entrant or the recipient. The festival cannot accept nor assume responsibility for damage or loss of materials while in transit. All film reels, cans, videotapes and cases must be labeled with the title of the entry. Please do not use fiber filled shipping envelopes; fibers damage videotapes and equipment.

International Shipping
Foreign entries must be shipped prepaid. Exhibition copies must be sent directly to the festival office with all transportation charges, delivery fees, and any duties or taxes prepaid by the shipper. The entrant will have to bear financial responsibility in the event that the festival is charged any brokerage fees. Please be sure to include all proper customs documentation. We recommend that the following declaration be printed on the outside of the package and on customs forms: TEMPORARY IMPORTATION – FOR FILM FESTIVAL EXHIBITION ONLY. NO COMMERCIAL VALUE. Exhibition copies will be returned to the entrant at the expense of the festival.

Contact Information
Chicago Filmmakers
Attn: Onion City
5243 N. Clark Street, 2nd Floor
Chicago IL 60640
Phone: (773) 293-1447
Fax: (773) 293-0575
Email: [email protected]