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  • Foodnotes: Three Films by Vivian Ostrovsky

    Avant-garde filmmaker and curator Vivian Ostrovsky takes us from three star Michelin restaurants to food festivals in the South of France, via childhood memories in the 1960s Brazil and USSR with a selection of three short films – Nikita Kino, Eat and *** (Trois étoiles) – shot between 1987 and 2002.

    Followed by a Q&A with director Vivian Ostrovsky

    This screening is part of the Great Exhibition Road Festival and echoes the Food: Bigger than the Plate exhibition at the V&A.

    All tickets £5.


    Domingo, Junio 30, 2019 - 18:30


  • PRISME#2: Call for films

    The second edition of PRISME, Mire’s festival, will take place in Nantes from December 4. to December 11. 2019.

    Exploring the “image substance”, highlighting gestures, processus and sensory experience, PRISME #2 will mix cinema, photography, visual and sound arts.

    We are looking for:

    Fecha límite: 

    Domingo, Septiembre 1, 2019 (Todo el día)
  • Atelier 105: Call for Projects 2nd Commision 2019

    ATELIER 105 - Post-production residencies for video

    In October 2014, Light Cone initiated artist residencies dedicated to video-based post-production of films that fall within the realm of experimental cinema, with the objective of supporting approximately 10 projects per year. The residency is intended to suit the work-flow of experimental filmmakers, therefore eligibility criteria are deliberately kept open. Short, medium, as well as feature-length films are welcome, on the condition that their shooting is completed and their editing is already advanced, with or without the backing of an independent production company. While the project must fit within the field of experimental cinema, no other criteria (length, nationality of filmmaker, etc.) will be imposed.

    Fecha límite: 

    Domingo, Julio 7, 2019 (Todo el día)
  • Go go go! Women in Experimental Animation: The Crafty Animator

    On July 11th Bristol Cube will screen the final in the BEEF organised Go go go: Women in Experimental Animation series. There's a line up of great films, plus guest speaker Caroline Ruddell, co editor of 'The Crafty Animator: Handmade Craft-based Animation and Cultural Value', will introduce the screening!

    The films within this programme deploy modes of humour, irony, absurdity, the grotesque, mystery, beauty and defiance where qualities of shape, colour, texture, light, materiality and movement and questions of process itself are given priority.


    Jueves, Julio 11, 2019 - 20:00


    The Cube Cinema - Bristol, Reino Unido
  • The Transcendent Cinema of David Brooks

    Born in 1944 in Chelsea, Massachusetts, David Brooks entered Columbia University in the early 1960s, where he immersed himself in the study of philosophy and psychology, with a particular interest in psychoanalysis and the work of Freud. During this time Brooks met critic and filmmaker Jonas Mekas and immediately got involved in New York’s burgeoning independent and experimental film scene. By 1962 Mekas had personally enlisted Brooks, then only 18 years old, to be the first Executive Director of the newly established Film-Makers’ Cooperative.


    De Viernes, Junio 28, 2019 (Todo el día) hasta Lunes, Julio 1, 2019 (Todo el día)


    Anthology Film Archives - Nueva York, Estados Unidos