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  • Cinema Anèmic #07: Boris Lehman

      Next Sunday February 7 Xcèntric screens two films by Boris Lehman for the first time in Barcelona. The NOOK-Poble Sec association and the Cinema Anèmic screening series want to take this opportunity to project the next day, on Monday February 8, three more short pieces in 16mm, presented by the director himself.

    Programmed by Boris Lehman:

    - Muet comme une carpe / Silent as a fish / Belgium-RFA / 1987 / 38’ / 16 mm / colour


    Monday, February 8, 2016 - 19:30


  • UNEXPOSED Microcinema - Call for Experimental Features/Curated Programs

    UNEXPOSED Microcinema is putting out a call for feature length experimental films in any sub-genre. We are also looking for curated programs of experimental shorts (individuals and festival programmers are encouraged to submit). Desired runtime for either of these will run between 45min and 2hr. Your feature film or curated program will take place in our venue situated in downtown Durham, North Carolina in the Golden Belt Arts District. 


  • Between the Frames - Japanese experimental film on 16mm: prolific years 1975-1980

    The Japanese experimental cinema movement became strong in the late 60’s, having it’s peak in the late 70’s. Toshio Matsumoto, who started making avant-garde documentaries and artistic feature film, and other predecessors, had a big influence on a new generation of film makers. Many of them were fascinated in exploring the mechanism of the moving image. This program highlights the peak period of Japanese experimental film, putting Atman (1975) by Toshio Matsumoto, which creates an extraordinary spatiotemporal sensation, and Spacy, by Takashi Ito, seriously influenced by Atman, as two merkmals. The films in this program, except Matsumoto’s and Ito’s film, have not been digitized, and their importance is underestimated both inside and outside Japan. For this reason it is a rare opportunity to watch these films in the original format.


    Monday, February 8, 2016 - 15:00


  • Xcèntric: The voluptuousness of the gaze. James Herbert

    James Herbert, filmmaker and painter, was to become well-known for his video clips for R.E.M., but his films are rarely seen. Somewhere between voyeuristic attraction and reflection, they demonstrate the filmmaker’s sensibility for reinterpreting the body by means of photography: figures of naked couples in a visual setting, reflections of the impression of touch or loneliness, while the film intensifies with the grain, the texture and the light


    Thursday, February 4, 2016 - 20:00


  • Light Movement 11

    Light Movement 11 brings together a selection of filmmakers, most of whom have had screenings in the series over 2015. This is a great chance to see a selection of films which convey the general dirrection of the series so far, all shown in their original formats. We also welcome several of these filmmakers to the screening in person.

    Plus some music in the bar from DJ mfx (reboot fm)


    Friday, January 29, 2016 - 19:30


  • The Festival of (In)appropriation #8

    Los Angeles Filmforum presents The Festival of (In)appropriation #8

    Curators Jaimie Baron and Greg Cohen in person!

    Whether you call it collage, compilation, found footage, détournement, or recycled cinema, the incorporation of already existing media into new artworks is a practice that generates novel juxtapositions and new meanings and ideas, often in ways entirely unrelated to the intentions of the original makers. Such new works are, in other words, “inappropriate.” This act of (in)appropriation may even produce revelations about the relationship between past and present, here and there, intention and subversion, artist and critic, not to mention the "producer" and "consumer" of visual culture itself. Fortunately for our purposes, the past decade has witnessed the emergence of a wealth of new audiovisual elements available for appropriation into new works. In addition to official state and commercial archives, resources like vernacular collections, home movie repositories, and digital archives now also provide fascinating material to repurpose in ways that lend it new meaning and resonance.


    Sunday, February 21, 2016 - 19:30


  • The Wall: Open Submissions

    The Wall presents monthly shows of digital art, moving image, video, and new media work in Oakland. In addition, we work with artists in the Bay Area and beyond to commission new work, present special events, and are piloting a teaching artist-in-residence program in local schools.

    The Wall is accepting submissions for our 2016-2017 season through February 15, 2016. Submit proposals, specific work, and projects of digital art, moving image, video, and new media work to be screened on our 100x100 foot urban projection space in Downtown Oakland. We’re particularly interested in site-specific installations that engage with the physical space of the projection, and the building’s location in the public streets of Oakland. This year, we’re also programming a number of off-site projects that engage with other spaces throughout Oakland and proposals for self-contained pieces that could be exhibited elsewhere. 


    Saturday, February 20, 2016 (All day)