Words, Planets

This film applies the six principles for composition delineated in ‘Opinions on Painting by the Monk of the Green Pumpkin’, written by the eighteenth-century Chinese painter Shih-T’ao as referenced in Raúl Ruíz’s essay ‘For a Shamanic Cinema’ (for example, ‘draw attention to a scene emerging from a static background’ or ‘add scattered dynamism to immobility’). The film is composed of scenes with non-actors, and texts by R.D.Laing and Lucy Lippard.

Made with:
Muhe Chen, Victor Artiga Rodriguez, Ashley Campbell, Anastasia Sargent, Tanner Cook and Hanah Lur Ebel Lertxundi

Filmed and recorded in:
Habana, Cuba; Los Angeles; Devil’s Punch Bowl; Ryan Mountain; Jurupa Hills, Pasadena and Idyllwild, California.

Text from:
Knots, R.D. Laing
I see / You mean, Lucy Lippard

Music: Faint Jade, Nikhil Banerjee
Colourist: Caitlin Díaz
Film scans: Andrew Busti and Light Press
Sound assistance: Ren Ebel, Christina C. Nguyen
Sound mix: Craig Smith
Titles: Lucas Quigley
Excerpt: Days of Being Wild, Wong Kar-wai

Thank you: Begoña Prado, Greg Pope, Tooth, Kate Dollenmayer, Luisa Cameron-Coat, Betzy Bromberg, Laura Merando, Usoa Fullaondo, Light Press Grant and Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant



United States


Technical data

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11 minutes

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Words, Planets (Laida Lertxundi, 2018)
Words, Planets (Laida Lertxundi, 2018)


  • Laida Lertxundi (Bilbao, 1981) makes films with non-actors that evoke external and internal spaces of intimacy. Through intricate arrangements of actions and sounds, her work explores how filmic moments can be imbued with emotional resonance. As her cinema questions how viewers’ desires and expectations are shaped by cinematic forms of storytelling, it also searches for alternative ways of linking sound and music with found locales, constructed situations, and quotidian environments.

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