Tenderpix: a week of experimental film screenings

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Tenderpixel is pleased to present Tenderpix a week of experimental film screenings running this summer. From July 23rd to July 31st Tenderpixel is once again collaborating with Rushes Soho Shorts, providing visitors with an opportunity to view some of the most intriguing contemporary experimental films from all over the world. There are multiple creative ventures occurring in the gallery this month, so be sure to stop by to catch a flick, or to partake in an artist Q&A, and to see Mimi Leung's glowing and animated illustrations adorning the walls.

July 24th 6-9pm
T E N D E R P I X - Part 1: Experimental Film Premiere
- Nine to Five by Tero Puha,
- Contraction by Christopher Hewiett & James Cambourne
- This is the Threat to your Money by Hudson Pace
- RQV2 by Jonathan Moss
- Candy Dream by Julie Meitz
- Metroscopic by Paul Windbridge
- Thrush by Gabriel Bisset Smith & Graham Turner
- Apartment 212 by Teppei Nogaki
- EMS 8 by Ian Helliwell
- Felix’s Machines by Tom Mansfeld
- Focus by Sam Holden
- Rome by Night by Nadine Poulain
Special Feature: Your home may be at risk if you don’t keep up repayments by Brian Rhodes.

July 25th 6-9pm
T E N D E R P I X - Part 2: Experimental Film Premiere
- Wires and Bows by Andrew Brand
- Why? By Vron Harris
- Near the Egress by Antonio Martinez
- Cascades by Gaston Igounet
- Palimpsest by Richard O’Sullivan
- Sausage Roll by Vivian Peach
- The Visible Man by Jacopo Jenna
- Screen Tears by Erica Scourti
- The Sisters by Jihye Park
- Strings by Rob Brandon
- Mountain-Water-Painting by Christin Bolewski
- Fashion Death by Daniel Rodrigo
Special Feature: Your home may be at risk if you don’t keep up repayments by Brian Rhodes

For those of you who missed the Tenderpix Experimental Film Premiere evenings, the gallery will be playing both number one and two of these experimental show-reels daily from the 26th to the 31st. Stop in and see some great films. **Note that on the 31st film screening times will be at 12noon & 2pm.

July 31st Tenderprix : Double film award winners Announced & Awarded During the premiere and daily film screenings all gallery cinemagoers are invited to vote for their favourite film in each category (Tenderpix 1 & Tenderpix 2). The results of these votes will be announced at the end of Mimi Leung's Artist talk and Q&A session. A small award and prize will be given to the most popular film in each Tenderpix category.