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Ben Russell - Black and White Trypps Number Three (2007) present a screening and workshop with Chicago based artist Ben Russell . Russell  is an itenerant experimental filmmaker and curator who has shown his work at venues and  festivals all over the world. His films range from rigorous experimental enthnographies  to investigations into the phenomenological potential of cinema.

2 December 2008, 7pm:
Screening: Ben Russell's Trypps Trypps Trypps Trypps Trypps

3 December 2008, 10.30am–4.30pm
Workshop: Film / Phenomenology With Ben Russell
2 December 2008, 7pm
Screening: Ben Russell's Trypps Trypps Trypps Trypps Trypps
Presented in collaboration with Close-Up

Cafe 1001, 1 Dray Walk, 91 Brick Lane, London, E1
Nearest tube: Liverpool Street/Aldgate East
Tickets on door only: £5 / £4 Close-Up & members

Russell will present his entire TRYPPS film series plus a live film and sound performance. The series consists of five metaphorical works that strive towards a visceral, physical and phenomenological cinema for the senses. The starting point for each film ranges from cameraless film making, high contrast photography, a Richard Pryor stand-up routine and an audience at a Lightning Bolt gig.

Films: Black And White Trypps Number One (7 Min, 16Mm, 2005); Black And White Trypps Number Two (9 Min, 16Mm, 2006); Black And White Trypps Number Three (12 Min, 16Mm, 2007); Black And White Trypps Number Four (11 Min, 16Mm, 2008); Trypps #5 (Dubai) (3 Min, 16Mm, 2008); The Black And White Gods (25 Min, Live Double-Projector Performance, 2008)

3 December 2008, 10.30am–4.30pm
Workshop: Film / Phenomenology With Ben Russell, 316-318 Bethnal Green Road, London, E2 0AG
Nearest tube: Bethnal Green Road
£55 full price / £50 concessions & members
To reserve email [email protected] or call 0207 7294494

Russell will lead a workshop exploring the manipulation of sound and image through radical interventions in printing, processing and projection. The workshop will investigate theoretic and practical ideas around phenomenology in film, and the potential for cinema to have an immediate affect on the body and senses. The workshop will begin with a screening of artists work related to ideas of phenomenology before moving into a hands on practical session where participants will construct light sensitive sound circuits, and learn about loop contact printing with high contrast print stock using's Debrie contact printer. The workshop offers a good introduction to experimental uses of high contrast film stock, hand processing, creative contact printing and creative projection.