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Lumphini 2552 (Tomonari Nishikawa, 2009)Canada's Media City Festival reaches its 16th edition next May 25th, presenting over 75 film and video works from all over the world during its 5-day run. Canadian Film and Video and Regional Artists programmes will feature works from national and local filmmakers such as Daichi Saito, John Price or Chris Kennedy, while six international programmes will offer the chance to see new works by veteran artists like Ute Aurand, Julie Murray and Vincent Grenier along with new talents like Mati Diop, Arnaud Gerber and Alexandra Cuesta. This year's edition will also feature two partial retrospectives dedicated to Johan van der Keuken and Friedl Kubelka, including a talk with the later and an exhibition of her photographs. You can download the festival's catalogue here.

Tuesday May 25, Burton Theatre (3420 Cass Ave, Detroit), 20:00h
Kevin Jerome Everson's Erie
- Erie (Kevin Jerome Everson, USA, 16mm on video, 81 min, 2009)

Wednesday May 26, Capitol Theatre, 18:00h
Opening Party
Meet, mingle and have a drink with your fellow festivalists in the Capitol's Joy Theatre. Windsor artist Chris Bissonnette sets the mood with a short series of video vignettes, accompanied by audio arrangements of field recordings and live instrumentation.

A Moment's Silence (Johan van der Keuken, 1960-63)Wednesday May 26, Capitol Theatre, 19:30h
Johan van der Keuken, selected films 1960-2000
- Blind Child (Johan van der Keuken, Netherlands, 16mm, 24 min, 1964)
- Four Walls (Johan van der Keuken, Netherlands, 16mm, 22 min, 1965)
- Herman Slobbe/Blind Child 2 (Johan van der Keuken, Netherlands, 16Zm, 29 min, 1966)
- A Moment's Silence (Johan van der Keuken, Netherlands, 16mm, 10 min, 1960-63)
- Temps/Travail (Johan van der Keuken, Netherlands, 16mm on video, 11 min, 2000)

Wednesday May 26, Capitol Theatre, 21:30h
International Program 1
- Lullaby (Robert Todd, USA, 16mm, 9 min, 2009)
- Rihla (Gerbrand Burger, Netherlands, video, 11 min, 2009)
- Distance (Julie Murray, USA, 16mm, 12 min, 2010)
- Oral History (Volko Kamensky, Germany, 35 mm, 22 min, 2009)
- One Bright Day (Jem Cohen, USA, video, 18 min, 2008)

Ice/Figure (Michelle Tarailo, 2008)Thursday May 27, Capitol Theatre, 18:00h
Regional Artists Program
- The Use of Movement (Christopher McNamara, Windsor/Ann Arbor, video, 15 min, 2009)
- Sprawl (Allegra Pitera, Detroit, video, 1.5 min, 2010)
- Rebel (Ted Kennedy, Ann Arbor, video, 3 min, 2009)
- Everything to Live For (Scott Northrup, Dearborn, video, 5 min, 2008)
- Sleeping Bear (Jack Cronin, Detroit, S8mm on video, 10.5 min, 2010)
- See/Saw (Charlie Egleston, London, 16mm, 5 min, 2010)
- Ice/Figure (Michelle Tarailo, Windsor, video, 4.5 min, 2008)
- The Men and Wrestling with My Father (Charles Fairbanks, Ann Arbor, video, 3 and 4.5 min, 2009)
- Controller (Ed Janzen, Kingsville, video, 2 min, 2010)

Thursday May 27, Capitol Theatre, 19:30h
International Program 2
- Sea Front (Stuart Moore, England, S8mm on video, 5.5 min, 2009)
- Four Little Films (Nick Collins, England, 16mm, 10 min, 2009)
- Hanging upside down in the branches (Ute Aurand, Germany, 16mm, 15 min, 2009)
- Toads (Milena Gierke, Germany, S8 to 35mm enlargement, 6 min, 1997/2008)
- Groundplay (Robert Todd, USA, 16mm, 12 min, 2009)
- Frontier (Harriet McDougall, England, video, 13 min, 2008)

Through Some Trick of Nature It Appears (Bruce McClure, 2010)Thursday May 27, Capitol Theatre, 21:30h
International Program 3
- Atlantiques (Mati Diop, Senegal/France, video, 15 min, 2009)
- So Sure of Nowhere Buying Times to Come (David Gatten, USA, 16mm, 9 min, 2010)
- Present Participle (Shirin Sabahi, Iran/Sweden, R8mm on video, 25 min, 2009)
- Aliki (Richard Wiebe, USA, video, 5 min, 2009)
- Through Some Trick of Nature It Appears (Bruce McClure, USA, 3 x 16mm, 16 min, 2010)

Friday May 28, Art Gallery of Windsor, 15:00h
Year Portraits: Discussion with Friedl vom Groeller (Kubelka)
at the Art Gallery of Windsor, (401 Riverside Dr W)
Organized by Media City to coincide with a retrospective of her films, the three series of Year Portraits (1977-78, 1997-98 and 2002-03) exhibited at the AGW represent a small fraction of the artist's ongoing photographic practice that spans nearly forty years. Friedl vom Groeller (Kubelka) has taken a self-portrait every day since 1972, organizing the photos into calendrical sequences. The result is a body of work including thousands of precisely arranged photographs documenting the passage of time. In one sense, the photos could be seen as a film, running at a rate of one frame per day.

Along with the Year Portraits, also on view at the AGW is vom Groeller's photograph Venzone (1975) and a selection of photo books and monographs about the artist.

Passage Briare (Friedl Kubelka, 2009)Friday May 28, Capitol Theatre, 19:30h
Friedl vom Groeller (Kubelka) Films 1968-2009
- Erwin, Toni, Ilse (35mm, 9 min, 1968/69)
- Graf Zokan (Franz West) (35mm, 3 min, 1969)
- Neuffer's Gegenstaende (16mm, 6 min, 1971)
- Ohne Titel (35mm, 5 min, 1981)
- Secret Identities of a Psychoanalyst (16mm, 6 min, 1995-2005)
- Eugen Bavcar (16mm, 3 min, 1999)
- Spucken (35mm, 2 min, 2000)
- Le Barometre (35mm, 3 min, 2004)
- Paris June 2009 (16mm, 3 min, 2009)
- Boston Steamer (16mm, 3 min, 2009)
- Passage Briare (16mm, 3 min, 2009)
- Delphine de Olivera (16mm, 3 min, 2009)
- Hen-Night (16mm, 3 min, 2009)
- Wedding (16mm, 3 min, 2009)
- Der Fototermin (16mm, 3 min, 2009)

Friday May 28, Capitol Theatre, 21:30h
International Program 4
- Loutron (Barbara Meter, Netherlands, video, 17 min, 2009)
- Summer Grass 2/10 (Mie Kurihara, Japan, S8mm, 10 min, 2008)
- Prolegomena (Cedric Gaul-Berrard, France, 16mm, 11 min, 2008)
- Burning Bush (Vincent Grenier, Canada/USA, video, 9.5 min, 2010)
- Daylight and the Sun (Karen Johannesen, USA, S8mm, 5 min, 2009)
- Point Line Plane (for PP) (Simon Payne, England, video, 8 min, 2010)

Trees of Syntax, Leaves of Axis (Daichi Saito, 2009)Saturday May 29, Capitol Theatre, 18:00h
Canadian Film & Video
- Strips (Felix Dufour-Laperriere, Montreal, 35mm, 5.5 min, 2010)
- Sometime. Somewhere. (Zohar Kfir, Montreal (Israel), S8mm on video, 6.5 min, 2009)
- Refraction Series (Chris Gehman, Toronto, 35mm, 8 min, 2008)
- Sea Series #7 (John Price, Toronto, 35mm, 3.5 min, 2010)
- Sea Series #5 (John Price, Toronto, 35mm, 5 min, 2010)
- Trees of Syntax, Leaves of Axis (Daichi Saito, Montreal, 35mm, 10 min, 2009)
- The Wheel (Pixie Cram, Ottawa, 16mm on video, 3 min, 2009)
- j. (Solomon Nagler & Alexandre Larose, Halifax/Montreal, 16mm, 6.5 min, 2009)
- Simultaneous Contrast (Chris Kennedy, Toronto, 16mm, 5.5 min, 2008)
- Puccini Conservato (Michael Snow, Toronto, video, 10 min, 2008)

Saturday May 29, Capitol Theatre, 19:30h
International Program 5
- Gregor Alexis (Jana Debus, Germany, 16mm on video, 20 min, 2009)
- Dissonant (Manon de Boer, Netherlands/Belgium, 16mm on video, 11 min, 2010)
- Piensa en Mi (Alexandra Cuesta, Ecuador/USA, 16mm, 15 min, 2009)
- Lumphini 2552 (Tomonari Nishikawa, Japan, 35mm, 3 min, 2009)
- In the Park and A Walk (Ute Aurand, Germany, 16mm, 6 and 4.5 min, 2008)

Vampire(s) (Arnaud Gerber, 2008)Saturday May 29, Capitol Theatre, 21:30h
International Program 6
- I Know Where I'm Going (Ben Rivers, England, 16mm, 30 min, 2009)
- Vampire(s) (Arnaud Gerber, France, 16mm on video, 29 min, 2008)
- Dining Cars (Arianne Olthaar, Netherlands, S8 to 35mm enlargement, 15.5 min, 2009)



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