Flash Brides: Performances by Bruce McClure

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Bruce McClureFlash Brides: Performances by Bruce McClure
From Saturday September 15th to Sunday September 30th 2012
France and Switzerland Fall 2012

'My projection performances celebrate the incandescent beauty of 16 mm projectors and their role in driving desirable reactions in the metabolism of energy from one form to another. Light is modulated at the front gate by the limbic roll and chatter of loops patterned with emulsion. Once screened for the eye these patterns are commented on by the optical sound system from every corner of the room. Itinerate, the two projector works that accompany me on this tour accommodate themselves to any space and are measured only by attention. The territory of provisional occupancy by this work is well known but any familiar feature can become distorted making orientation difficult and likely to be abandoned. As they say, “How can something be missed if it never goes away?”' - Bruce McClure

(2) Eiki SSL-0 optical sound projectors
(2)10 Amp variable transformers for dimming the lamps on my projectors.
(8) Low voltage guitar effects pedals:
(2) MT-2 (metal zone)
(2) DD-6 (digital delay)
(2) DD-3 (digital delay)
(2) GE-7 (graphic equalizer)
(1) Mixer (Alesis Multi Mix 6FX)

Scratch Expanded, Paris
Saturday September 15th, 20h
Les Voûtes, 19 rue des frigos, 75013 Paris

Inattendus, Lyon
Tuesday September 25th, 21h
Périscope – 13 rue Delandine Lyon 2e, Metro A – Perrache, Lyon

Le 102, Grenoble
Wednesday, September 26th, 19:30h
102 rue d'Alembert - Grenoble

Cinéma Oblo, Lausanne
Friday September 28th, 19:30h
Avenue de France 9  1004 Lausanne, Switzerland

Cinéma Spoutnik, Genève
Sunday September 30th, 19:30h
Place des Volontaires 4  1204 Genève, Switzerland