EXiS 2010

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EXiS_logoExperimental Film And Video Festival in Seoul 2010 (EXiS 2010)

Seventh annual international experimental film and video festival EXiS 2010 is waiting for your innovative film and videos! EXiS is the only one and the biggest premier showcase of experimental works in Korea.

Festival Dates: Sep 2-8 2010, Seoul, Korea
Entry Deadline: May 15, 2010 (Postmark)

What We Look for:
Experimental film or video work in any format and length possible

1) Films completed after: January 1st 2009
2) Preview Tape (1/2" video cassette or any region DVD or r Mini-DV either NTSC or PAL)
3) Country of production: all countries (except Republic of Korea)
4) Entry Form (both mail & e-mail)
5) 1 photo of artist & 3 production photos
6) If needed, use additional papers for synopsis or artistic career (free form)

- No Entry Fee

Where to Send:
Attn. Programmer at EXiS office
Mapo-gu Soegyo-dong 475-13
Wonchun Bldg. 6th Fl.
Seoul, Korea (121-842)

When mailing, please be sure to mention "without commercial value, for cultural purpose only" and mark "No value", or no more than "$10"

Office Telephone +82-2-3141-1814
Email [email protected]

All the material submitted are not supposed to be returned.

International EXiS Award
Korean EXiS Award
Jungwoon Award

Complete entry form and guidelines available on our website at http://www.ex-is.org