OFFoff Cinema: Televizinho, a live video-essay by Veridiana Zurita

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Televizinho is an ongoing project of re-enactments of soap operas in different contexts in Brazil. Its first edition took place in 2014 when Veridiana Zurita worked together with the riverside community 'Santa Isabel' in the Amazon. During 4 months she lived together with different families along the Tupana river, eating what they ate , sleeping as they did, watching what they watched: soap operas. Every night they looked at the soap together and picked out a scene to re-enact the next day. While using the participants' houses as movie set, the re-enactments took the form of something between fiction and documentary. The way soaps seem to order language and physicality was disturbed by those re-enacting it while different logics of appropriation were inaugurated.

During a screening in the format of a live-video-essay, the maker will share some of the footage, ideas, problems and questions concerning the project. The material collected reflects the perspective of an artist, of an amateur actress, of a Brazilian who is also a foreigner and an outsider there, of a woman who can't escape her 'whiteness' and her resemblance to specific models represented in the soaps, of a consumer who struggles against the representations shoved down her throat by the television industry, of a citizen who is panicking with the ever-lasting social-political-juridical-mediatic apparatus in action in Brazil, of a child who watched far too much soaps with her mother while having dinner....

Curated by Sven Dehens

- Televizinho - Lecture Performance by Veridiana Zurita

***With the support of the research center of a.pass, Kunsten en Erfgoed | Arts and Heritage and was hosted by the Casa do Rio artistic residency program.***




Monday, December 5, 2016 - 20:00


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