MuMaBoX #40: Palingenesis. The rebirth of Nature

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The palingenesis means regeneration after an apparent death. In cinema, the rebirth of nature may appear in the pattern, the shape of the film or the image itself. For example in the return of vegetation among the ruins and trauma of History (Resnais, Pollet, Herzog). In the passages and exchanges of one life form to another, from one kingdom to another, through a use of discontinuous and rhythmic editing (Stan Brakhage films the decomposition of the corpse of his dog in the middle of a wood; Rose Lowder weaves together the images of the mineral, plant, animal and human world). Or when the digital image, which seemed to stress the greatest resemblance with the world and an ever-increasing definition quality, leaves suddenly emerge from the abstract of the formless and random, like a return of the nature and the living in the technological device (Jacques Perconte).

Meeting with Vincent Deville. Lecturer in film at the University Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3, author of the book Les formes du montage dans le cinéma d’avant-garde (PUR, 2014).

- Sirius Remembered (Stan Brakhage, 1959, 11’)
- Bouquets écologiques (Rose Lowder 21-30, 2001-2005, 14’)
- Après le feu (Jacques Perconte, 2010, 7’)




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